monday, behold the pants


I was living in California when the World Trade Towers came down, but my heart was in New York.



This is a bit of the detritus of fashion week in New York. Glossy magazines, spent water bottles, and WWD (Women’s Wear Daily) copies end up here and there. NYFW is as much about the streetwalk as it is about the catwalk.

Some say that NYFW is “not what it used to be,” “in a state of disruption,” or just plain “over with.” I don’t care what the proverbial “they” say, I love it. 

Even though I’m on the very periphery of things, fashion is my modern art, and no one is going to hold me back from participating in it.

September is not just for when the kids go back to school. Internationally speaking, September is fashion month, because after New York come London, Milan, and Paris.

I really do feel for the literati and gliterati of the fashion world.

Rushing from show to show has to be is exhausting! After two hours out on the street taking pictures alongside Denton Taylor, and his really lovely wife, Teresa, I was ready for my nap.   

The Pants


Behold the pants.

I saw a lot of interesting pants out there on my very first, real sojourn out into the world of fashion journalism. There was a lot of plaid, checks, and houndstooth around. I loved this pants and shoes combination. In my fashion book, pants this length are either a win or lose proposition.

For most women, pants this length are a lose.

But when you have long legs, the right shoes, and nice ankles…win. 


Another win. This outfit may be considered a bit inappropriate for a day time show, nevertheless, it was my favorite. It’s perfect in every detail. First, let me point out this young woman’s posture and poise. Honestly, if she was slouching, the clothes would not make the woman. 

Little surprises are always nice in fashion, just a pinch bit of hot pepper. 

The intriguing little surprise here: the red heels peeking out under those killer pants. You wouldn’t think that the pants would need any spice, but this is just the right amount. I believe that this woman’s entire outfit is Yves Saint Laurent. Anyone know for sure?




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