monday, awash in pink



I have never liked pink, in fact I’ve had an inexplicable aversion to it. It was like all pink was Pepto Bismol pink, but I needed it, and I knew things would feel better after I took it, but I didn’t want to. 

I thought pink was for babies and old ladies

I don’t know if it’s technology creating more varied pinks, or my eyesight, but I’m crazy attracted to pink this season. These roses were on display at the Mansur Gavriel store in Soho, a store washed in very pretty shades of pink.

Mansur Gavriel makes the most wonderful shoes and bags, but it’s the mules I love.



Believe me when I tell you that this picture does not do the shoe justice. Every stitch, every little nail of his shoes is absolutely perfect…

I, for one, could positively bow down to the craftsman who can make something so perfectly beautiful. 

If there’s anything I have a deeper aversion to than Pepto Bismol pink, it’s cheap shoes.

Well, these are not cheap shoes, but I know that wearing them would be worth the price. That’s the thing with good shoes, they are always absolutely worth it. I admit to having some cheap shoes hidden away in the back of my closet, they’re there of course, because I never wear them.

Then there are the Gavriel bags, each like a macaron just waiting to be loved.

Perfection. Can you imagine carrying one of these while wearing your grey, cashmere dress? 


Maybe I should have written this in the Spring, but that’s the wonderful thing about fashion these days, fewer rules. If you want to wear pink mules in the Fall, go for it. 


On the other hand, I just heard that the new color is “safety orange.” 

Women Working


My friend, Denton Taylor, is married to this women working. It was Denton, Teresa, and I that hit the streets last week, to take some pictures of NYFW streetstyle. It’s so nice when nice people are married to nice people. I’m going to say it the way another of the world’s best streetstyle photographers says it:

I’m not going to say that Teresa and Denton aren’t one of my favorite couples.

Both Teresa and Denton have full-time jobs and equally as full-time lives. There’s photography, running, fashion, food, and tons of friends. While I haven’t known them long, I suspect that they’ve always been open, curious, and kind. What more could you ask?

P.S. That streetstyle photographer I mentioned is Scott Schuman, The Sartorialist, and if there’s anyone out there who is still unaware of him, here you go.


From Slave To Fashion, Safia Minney

“Do you want to shop from a brand that values transparency? From a company that is constantly pushing the agenda to a better understanding of what’s happening? Or do you want to shop with a company that takes a hands-off attitude with its suppliers and doesn’t give a damn about human rights in its supply chain?”

Ben Skinner, founder, Transparentum


Denton Taylor




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