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This is Melanie Kobayashi of Bag and a Beret. Melanie is funny, really funny. She’s also one of the best personal style bloggers around. But enough with the admiration that just sounds like flattery. 

I love the way Melanie does menswear. Some women do look like they are trying to look like men, when they wear what is traditionally men’s clothing. While there’s nothing wrong with that, if that’s your goal, for most of us it isn’t.

The thing with Melanie here, is that nothing she is wearing is explicitly “masculine,” and yet the whole look put together, is wonderfully androgynous.

Ever since I first saw Patti Smith, I’ve loved androgynous style. I think that when it’s done well, the way Melanie does it, it’s the best of both worlds. 

I’m actually surprised that more women don’t experiment with and embrace menswear. The only way I see most women doing the andro thing is generically and, unfortunately, sloppily. A baggy pair of jeans and a NYFD (New York Fire Department) t-shirt does not an androgynous style make. 


Anyone want to guess what the sexy, little blue ribbon, around Melanie’s neck, is about?



The statement necklace, I’ve heard from people in the know, has given way to statement earrings. 

I don’t do necklaces, but earrings yes, love them big and small. These darlings, are from Vanda Jacintho, a Brazilian designer whose work is all produced in Brazil. I’m super reluctant to call what she does “tropical,” and yet her use of natural materials and vivid colors represents the best of that style.

If you’re still looking for something summery, something unusual but lasting, check out Jacintho.    

For Feet’s Sake


My new favorite pedicure, gold trimmed toes! It’s basically the French pedicure. If anyone knows why it’s called French, let me know. Allegedly, it was first created by Jeff Pink, an Israeli living in Los Angeles. He’s the man behind the nail polish brand Orly.

The French manicure, with its white or pink trim, was once all the rage. Then “nail art” went in nine different directions and seemed to leave the French behind.

But recently I saw this gold variation somewhere and decided to try it. It’s a nice change from my usual look, the basic red nail. It’s simple and summery.

I’d kind of like to pair this with a pair of wool pinstripe trousers to mix it up, but it’s too damn hot.

My only problem with this? The obsessive compulsive in me is having a hard time looking at the different widths of the gold on my big toes!  

Women Working


This was last week’s most liked photograph on my Instagram feed. The women working was sitting outside of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, painting. She looked so content, so sexy, so lush that she startled me. 

Looking like a woman who has just stepped out of a Renaissance painting, it was her hair that most people loved.

As I approached her, I did what I often do when I’m not expecting to take a picture: I scramble, I fumble to get my iphone out before the subject knows I’m taking it. Whether she knew that I was taking a picture or not, I’ll never know.

I like to think that she knew and just let me do my thing, like she was doing hers.   




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