From my inbox this morning, this” jacket,” “The Robe,” made of Italian camel-hair. It’s from Ayr, classic, and it comes in xs-2x. That’s inclusion, and you can order it now.

There is a whole renaissance of mending going on among slow fashion and sustainability proponents. It’s a veritable movement! And because I have always liked to mend things, it’s very satisfying, I’m looking forward to a new book I just ordered. 

Mending Matters by Katrina Rodabaugh, looks like a lovely “cook book” of possibilities for mending.

People are becoming sane and realizing that to throw away, or even donate, a perfectly good sweater, just because it isn’t quite perfect, is not wise or sustainable.

A good sweater, one that will last, should cost at least a couple hundred dollars. It should become like an old and trustworthy friend,

one you are always happy to see, no matter how bad the weather.

And if you can’t afford a whole drawer full of hundred-dollar bills, the thrift and vintage stores are full of wool, cashmere, and alpaca.

I love knits and over the years I have seen really fine knits practically given away in thrift stores. It’s a pity not to take advantage of quality that’s out there ready to be plucked. And mending, on a cold winter’s night, that sounds nice.

Mending Matters, it’s supposed to arrive today!  

The picture above is from Visible Mending, a gorgeaous website by Kate Sekules, that, well, look at it…

I just received the best unsubscribe request. We’ll call her Anna. Anna said she is unsubscribing, and it has nothing to do with me and especially not my content, which she has enjoyed very much. But it’s about time management and the priorities she has set for herself for this moment. She has 4 huge projects that all need her attention. 

“I’m managing my time by my energy available and not a calendar.”

Anna says she’ll be back in a few months, and that she’ll keep following me on Twitter, so she can gracefully return to the blog in the future.

“Keep up the good work!”

Said Anna. Best followers, just saying.


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