meditate first, then drink


Third generation hatmaker, Layce Cates Heaton, in one of her beautiful hats. Beautiful women working.


In the spirit of the “wild west” and Godless, the Netflix series I just binged on, this look from Matthildur. The top is called the Sand Shirt, and the cut definitely has something of the west about it.

The wide legged pants are like the pants that Michelle Dockery wore throughout the show.

The most wonderful thing about this ensemble, is that it’s %100 pima cotton from Peru! And if you don’t know pima cotton, you should. It’s the highest quality cotton, it’s soft and durable.    

To read about Matthildur Halldorsdottir, the slow fashion designer behind the brand, go here. It’s a good story.

This dress says, “I may be beautiful, but I’m not frail.” The color, what would you call that? I’m tempted to call it “gun-metal.” I love the dull shine that goes so well with the model’s grey hair. Color that is not color, shine that is not shine, it’s ‘extra ordinary.’

And the lack of adornments, other than her tattoos, is a perfect kind of minimalism.

Meditate First

This from an email inviting me to MNDFL meditation. 

MNDFL Drink with Lodro Rinzler +
December 14th, 7:30 and 8:30pm respectively
Join us for an event around how to drink with a tad more mindfulness. We’ll meditate to become more present and then sample delicious cocktails, pausing along the way to truly taste them and notice how the alcohol effects our minds.
Stay after and join us for our annual holiday party (that part’s free)!

“We’ll meditate to become more present and then sample delicious cocktails…”

Seriously, I thought, when I first read this. This is the kind of thing that gives millennials and “hipsters” a bad name. Then, I thought about it again, and you know what? Bloody hell, I like hipsters! There’s something so genuine, so real about this. 

As it happens, these days, I too need to meditate and also have a drink.

If you’re ever in New York City and want to try meditation in a serious but non-judgmental environment, check MNDFL out.



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