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It’s been a good year. I’ve been working hard: writing, styling clothes, taking pictures, watching women watch themselves, trying to understand what women do want. 

I started to blog when it seemed like diversity was finally hitting the runway, and it wasn’t hard to find women who were tired of the same stale stereotypes about older women. Through social media I found Lyn, the Accidental Icon, and Alyson of That’s Not My Age, then Scarlett, of The Style of Mrs.V. All of these women are very different and living in far flung places but working on aging differently, their way.

But we can’t, and shouldn’t, forget the body, because it is the place where a lot of hard things start with women. I found Stylelikeu, and Sarah Jane Adams, and Reglam Me. Women with guts, and balls, telling the world we will not be made to feel ugly, invisible, or inferior for any reason, ever again. 

I found women with more heart and honesty than I could barely believe. My friend, Esther, of Style and Conversation, Carla Birnberg, and funny, funny Michelle at Rubber Shoes in Hell. Every day these women remind me that I can be both vulnerable and strong—that’s actually something to be desired!

Jennifer, from A Well Styled Life, and Judith the Style Crone, and Cheri at Style Nudge let me know I’m not as alone and crazy as I might sometimes feel. They know that what we’re doing is much more than shoes, hats, and lipstick. 

The women at Project Just, Decoded Fashion, and Trusted Clothes keep me informed about slow and ethical fashion and the women who work to make our clothes. I feel like we’re all in the same boat; sometimes it seems like we’re just bailing, but most often we’re all pulling in the same direction. I’m thankful for them. 

I’ve gotten to meet makers this year, women who design and make slow fashion. Nicole at La fille Colette whose debut collection I got to wear. Cally, at Kal Rieman, does her work in New York’s fashion district and so does my friend, Eileen, at Marie Hell

There are lots more: photographers, models, designers, artisans, bloggers, and journalists. What a good year it is, when you can’t even list all of the great things and people who have enriched your world!




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