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I’ve been swooning over these earings from Annie Costello, for far too long. For god’s sake: I want, I need, I must have! Who else is feeling greedier and greedier as the holiday season goes careening along? I’m blaming this too on “the times” we live in, I’m blaming a lot on the times.

Can things nurture you? 

If to nurture, is to have the properties of being able to nourish or feed you, beauty does that. I dislike the constant struggle with materialism that we have to undergo just to retain some equanimity. It’s like wrestling a bear you’re pretty sure is going to eventually win.

These earrings though.

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Made In America

American Apparel hoodie dress - made in america

This gift, the “hoodie dress” from American Giant, can be worn either as a dress or a tunic over pants. So far American Giant, so good. I’ve liked this company, that manufactures in America, since their inception. 


“Beauty is only skin deep, but ugly goes clean to the bone.”

-Dorothy Parker



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