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I love velvet. It’s lush, it’s plush, it feels good. Once upon a time, I thought of velvet as something for old ladies who wore gowns to the opera. Then, about five years ago, I bought a velvet dress from Nili Lotan and fell in love with this amazing, versatile fabric. I wear the dress at night and during the day, I wear it with tights and I wear it over slim pants. 

I so need to feel comfortable, competent, and ready for anything these days. Velvet makes me feel that way.

Velvet can be made from several different kinds of fiber: cotton, linen, silk, and man-made fibers. The most luxurious velvet is made from silk and it’s very expensive. The process by which velvet is and has always been made is complicated, hence the association of velvet with royalty, the only people who could afford it.




We used to think of velvet as something worn at night, “formal” wear. I’m really happy that’s changed, and I especially like all the velvet shoes and boots that are now available.


If you don’t think you’re ready for a velvet dress or other garment, boots might be the way to test velvet out.


The top picture is one of boots from &Other Stories, admittedly fast fashion, the cousin of H&M, but cool nevertheless. The blue velvet and pink velvet shoes are from Madewell, an off-shoot of J. Crew, and although they may not have been the finest crafted shoes, they fit my big feet really well and were very comfortable. The last pair of flats are from Stuart Weitzman, more expensive of course and pretty for sure. 


If you’re not afraid of Thrift and second hand stores, they’re a really great place to look for velvet.


Perhaps it’s all of the closets of old aunts being cleaned out after their “formal” days are over? But nevertheless, the velvet you can find in thrifts is often higher quality than the velvet produced today. And if you’re not convinced by my velvet love, thrifting might be another way to try it out and go slow fashion too!

Speaking of slow fashion, Eileen Fisher has done velvet dresses and other garments for the past few seasons. They are definitely lush and plush and a good investment piece if you’re ready to commit.


P.S. Check out the velvet shoes over in the Pinterest feed →


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