lower the hemlines

I like to shop at All Saints, I also like to shop at Club Monaco and occasionally, J. Crew. The designs, fabrics, and craftsmanship are generally still quite good and affordable, and I haven’t found similar brands with the same kind of aesthetic. But there’s one thing I don’t get and it’s something I believe these and other similar brands could greatly benefit from. As in cha-ching benefit from.

If these brands were to lower the hemlines, raise the necklines, and lengthen the sleeves of their already existing designs, I and others like me could, and I believe would, buy them. Let’s face it, these areas I mentioned are trouble spots for most women over 50. It’s not just size! We generally need and desire more coverage for all sorts of reasons. Isn’t it worth at least trying? 

This is something I’ve thought about every time I see a great skirt in a great fabric and even fit, but in a length that’s ridiculous for me. And I’m not shy or conservative, and I still have what generally would be called a good figure. So tell me, what’s the problem, All Saints, Monaco, and J. Crew? Help me out here. Literally, help me out.

I understand enough about the design and manufacture of clothing to know that, in most cases, the effort and time necessary to engineer the changes I’m asking for would be relatively easy and cost-effective. With the increased attention ostensibly being paid to older women by the world of fashion, I say the time has come for this to happen!



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