lost: my millennial

I lost my millennial, but all is not lost. It’s alright, and my search for a collaborator is on again. If anyone out there wants to work with a beautiful mess, contact me. Onward and upward!


Christmas lists, there are so many Christmas gift lists out there! Rather than do another, I’m going a different way, I’m going to show you one beautiful thing a day. Like always, I’ll try for things that are slow fashion, or made in America, or made by small designers and makers, or all three.

Today, this scarf from Olivia Wendel

“…While figures remain still on flat paper, printing them onto fabric gives them movement and presence. Employing painting as a form of choreography, Olivia Wendel invents figures who dance in a realm somewhere between memories and dreams.”

I first saw and felt one of these scarves downtown, at the Canal Street Market. To say that the scarf was scrumptious, would be an understatement. While the designs for the scarves are painted by Wendel in Brooklyn, they are printed onto silk and wool in Italy! The best of both worlds.


In a parallel universe we have a female president?



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  • Anita, I’m sorry to read you lost your millennial. You sound upbeat though, so I hope you find a new collaborator soon. I took a look at Olivia’s website, her scarves are wonderful! Esther xx

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