losing my crown of glory

losing my crown of glory
cowboy boots
what animal is this?
real or fake?
plaid, plaid, plaid
max mara love

girding my loins

I’ve started losing my hair! It happened so quickly. Where once I would find a strand or two once or twice a month, I now seem to be finding a strand or two every hour. I feel the hairs on my neck and shoulders like strands of silky spiderweb I’ve walked into. I’m preparing myself, girding my loins.

The Devil Wears Prada, of course.

The good thing is I’ve neither had especially great hair or been into doing much with it, not much use for it really.

Still, what to do? Rogaine? Never. Wigs. Absolutely not. Hats all the time? No. So I’m thinking, not bald but nearly bald.

I’m talking about that half-inch look that Sinéad O’Connor used to and apparently still does have.

She had perfect features and big, beautiful doe eyes though, that allowed her the hair. And the hair made her look “fierce.” As for me, we’ll see. Losing your hair?

Sometimes you just have to indulge the blogger? Maybe not, but nevertheless there’s something really satisfying about writing a what’s trending, fall fashion post. So this is what’s trending this Autumn season. Cowboy boots and cowboy boot hybrids are the current boot of choice.

This one is from Frye, a company that’s just always very dependable. There are many others though, and I’ll show you some more soon.

In the meantime check out Style Nudge, her boots are to die for. And she is the queen of animal prints! Cowboy boots, yes or no?

animal love

Max Mara

Animal prints have been popular for years now, so much so that they seem to have become another “color”: red, black, pink, and animal print. I don’t remember people actually mixing animal prints before, but this year they are.

The coat below, by Max Mara is a nice example.

Max Mara

What animal is this? I love animals, and if I were to meet an animal, in the woods, that looked like this I’d run right into its arms. It reminds me of something straight out of Maurice Sendak’s, “Where the Wild Things Are.” Note though, these are animal prints but they are not made of real fur. 

Max Mara has made “fuzzy” things for years. He’s the creator of the “it girls” ‘Teddy Bear Coat, my personal “I want, I need, I must have, I can’t afford” coat. More and more designers are coming out daily and announcing that they will no longer use real fur in their creations.

The reasons cited for this are many: millennials don’t like fur, it’s environmentally unsustainable, and of course, it’s inhumane. 

However, you may have read, faux fur has its own set of problems.

This article, from the blog Fashion Blogga, presents the problems with both real and faux fur extremely well. It’s worth the read, especially if you’re considering either purchase. It is by no means a simple yes to this, no to that question. If you’d like to read about one friend’s choice, go here.

All this talk of animal prints and fur makes me think that we love it all so much because we do feel a “kinship” with animals. And that makes this question all the more salient. 

Max Mara

It’s clear to me now, I really really like Max Mara. Look at this tweedy, fringy, leather-bound plaid. It’s heaven to me and it’s very popular right now. This particular look satisfies my love of grey, menswear, and fall style, all of it.


Sofia Rivera at Study Breaks

“Like with any business, there are small groups of lovely, well-mannered customers who make life worth living. Unfortunately, 65 percent of the women buying high fashion act like star-spangled bitches, never satisfied, and full of conniving tricks to get the price as low as possible, demanding the best quality and three times more service.”

-Bill Cunningham

This is from Bill Cunningham’s autobiography, Fashion Climbing. Don’t you love “star-spangled bitches? If you don’t know who this icon of the New York fashion world is, go here, or, you can just buy the book. It’s a fun look into a bye gone era and way of living. 



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