living coral

living coral 
living in interesting times

“tit” for tat

Coral, “living coral,” the color of the year for 2019. Ironic, of course,  because the coral isn’t lasting.

Nevertheless, I’m stalking the stores and internet for coral! In general, I’ve been on a sort of color kick lately. “Hot” colors, muted colors, and colors of nature are all drawing me. This suede, that I found at Mood Fabrics, is pretty truly coral. 

This ensemble from my friend, Kal Rieman, isn’t really coral, it’s more like another one of my favorites, persimmon. It’s both hot and muted at the same time, or would you call it a “jewel tone?”

I admit to a certain amount of color ignorance, I just let it move me whichever way it does.

This Flagpole swimsuit, I would call “hot pink,” and I would never wear anything this color, except this swimsuit. But for the most part these are the colors of summer. A much-needed antidote to the winter “blues.”

Which of these colors speaks to you most?


Must we continue on the seemingly never-ending path of the leopard?

I like leopard, I really do but isn’t it time to let this animal go?

There’s leopard everywhere, it’s as ubiquitous as “camo.” Let’s switch animals. So, how about some python? These boots are from Loeffler Randall and quite sexy I think. But if you’d like to see another Python boot and do a comparison go to Brother Vellies.

interesting times

We are indeed living in interesting times: cold hamburgers served at the White House, 10 year challenges, and women over 50, invisible, after all. Read on.

 10 year challenge

And then this, the 10 year challenge not just a challenge? Well I have no pictures for the challenge, but I do like this one.

“tit” for tat

This is a commentary on the reaction of some women to Yann Moix’s pronouncement regarding women over 50 being “invisible” to him and his preference for younger women’s bodies. 

I think the beautiful and mysterious woman of Marquis Paris has a good point!al 

“Okay, no need to say I disagree with Yann Moix, but it’s not the point here. Where I get lost is women’s reaction: pointing oversexualization and objectification of women’s bodies made by Yann Moix whilst posting pictures of their naked bodies, which mostly conform to current beauty standards, and, above all, the male gaze, in an attempt to prove that you can be over 50 and still desirable because adorned with the “qualities of youth” (i.e. thinness, firm buttocks and boobs and no wrinkles in sight.) Well, you can be desirable over 50 and not because you found the fountain of youth.

You can look your age, not fit the current beauty standards, have wrinkles and still be smashing.

You can be ordinarily extraordinary and everything in between just because you have charisma, magnetism, and I think it has nothing to do with your body itself. Yann Moix reduced women to one dimension, the physical one. Unfortunately, we did exactly the same by posting naked pictures of our so-called desirability. And that’s too bad because over the last few days, we never saw wrinkles on social media.”


“You do not have to be good.
You do not have to walk on your knees
for a hundred miles through the desert, repenting.
You only have to let the soft animal of your body
love what it loves.”

—Mary Oliver, RIP



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