La fille Colette


I love it, of course, being approached by designers asking me to feature their work. When the person who approaches me is a young American designer who cares about quality, and slow, ethical fashion, it’s especially nice to say yes.

Based in Boston, Colette Chrétien is the designer and founder of La fille Colette. Her debut collection was made on Cape Cod by the Good Clothing Company.


“La Fille Colette garments are made in America, by workers receiving fair wages. We are helping to reshore the garment industry and keep manufacturing jobs in the US.”


Like many designers, Colette started young—toddler young—by designing imaginary outfits for her beloved Spice Girls. She grew up to attend the Boston School of the Museum of Fine Arts, where she continued to pursue her love of art and design.

Colette’s designs are strong on geometric shapes, intersecting lines, and unexpected colors. Honestly, all tendencies to which I do not generally lean. So when I contemplated stepping out of my usual monotone black with black accents, I was a bit apprehensive. In addition, color blocking is something I’m usually ambivalent about, but this dress is black and grey, and even I can do that. 


La fille Colette dresses are made with ponte fabric. Ponte is a high quality, tightly woven knit. The durability of the fabric makes La fille Colette dresses machine washable!  


I wasn’t surprised to find out that Colette Chretien’s style icon is Lupita Nyongo. There’s something so vital, thoughtful, and simply good about young women like them. I can lament the state of the world, like women our age sometimes do; then I find, or am found by someone like Colette, and lamentation turns into admiration. 


For Colette, fashion and art have always been inextricable.


Although I’m not showing it, this dress can also be worn with the v-neck in the front. La fille Colette is part of the day-to-night trend. You could wear this dress with the rounded neck to the office, reverse it and take it to dinner with the v-neck. La fille Colette.


P.S. A big thanks to the intrepid, Denton Taylor, for the beautiful pictures of me. Check out Denton’s work here.



  • JaCee says:

    Anita! So good to see you in these pics and you look marrvy! I like the shot from behind you looking right. Keep going!

  • Oh Anita! What a wonderful brand to feature and the photographs are just sensational! I just love, love, love the second one of you in particular. The dress is fabulous too – I will be checking La fille Colette out as I’m in the US at least three times next year – even when brands ship internationally it’s a bit of a pain if I need to send something back, so I usually wait and treat myself when I can get it all sent to wherever I’m staying. Esther xx

    PS Your hair is gorgeous too by the way!

  • denton says:

    This is a beautiful dress and some of the others on the website are amazing! Love the full length gowns especially.

  • Jennifer says:

    Thanks for pointing me towards this fabulous line!! BTW it looks terrific on you. I love that it’s made in America too!!!

    • Anita Irlen says:


      Thanks. Yes, I love that it’s made in America. I think industry is starting to come back to the U.S. I also think people need to be made more aware of it, because even if it’s small companies, that’s a start. No offense to China, but we do not have to buy from them. Look for more small American brands on the site!

  • Va, va voom! You look fabulous and sexy in that dress. Ponte is one of my favorite fabrics. Thanks for telling us about this brand. I will check them out. xoxox, Brenda

    • Anita Irlen says:


      Va, va voom, love that. Some one called me marrrvy as well. Ponte is good, but as with everything, there are different levels of quality. I’m not much of a model, but I have to admit that it can be fun! Now if some one would just send me to Paris… xx

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