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Colette Chretien


So, you like femininity, versatility, and slow fashion? I wrote about Colette Chretien, of La fille Colettehere. Well, Colette has done it again, created more beautiful dresses for her summer “desk-to-dinner” collection.

I love the way these dresses look both sporty and feminine—and they somehow manage not to provoke my extreme fear of color. The bare shoulders and backs of the long dress are a perfect way to show some skin without overdoing it. Shoulders don’t age!








Colette is one designer proving that slow and ethical fashion is no longer just for the enlightened few. We can all find both style and a little more peace of mind buying slow. For me, and I suspect for Colette too, it’s all about body and soul. Beauty on the outside, without mindfulness, is a waste.


It’s no longer worth dressing nicely if you can’t do it ethically and sustainably.



Until recently, “sustainable” was not part of the fashion world’s vocabulary. This list of facts and statistics from the La fille Colette website bears repeating, again and again:

  • 95% of the clothing Americans bought in the 1960s was made in the United States; today, we only make 3%.
  • The majority of the estimated 40 million people who work in the garment industry make less than $3 a day.
  • The fashion industry is second only to the oil industry in how much pollution it causes worldwide.
  • Today, we buy 400% more clothing than we did 20 years ago.
  • The average American throws out 82 lbs of textile waste yearly.


This makes me crazy, precisely because I love clothes and fashion. By now, it should be obvious that things can’t go on this way. That’s why I’ll continue to buy less, buy slow, and support ethical designers and makers like Colette Chretien. What about you?

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P.S. Coming up: a bathing suit for us!



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