kindred spirit, the accidental icon

Sometimes you’re lucky enough to meet kindred spirits. It’s rare, but it’s oh-so-sweet when it happens. It seems you can’t search for kindred spirits, in fact you must not search for them! But they’re out there; and they just come along in their own time. In the past couple of months I’ve met two women, entirely different from each other, who are nonetheless my kindred spirits. Why? Because they’re doing things their own way.

The first of the two is the Accidental Icon. Let’s call her Lyn, because that’s her name. Please check out her really great—almost revolutionary—blog here. Why revolutionary? Well for one, the first thing that strikes the eye is that the blog is in black and white. Black and white! Just this alone puts the Accidental Icon in a class by herself. By making the decision to forego color, she may have broken a cardinal rule of blogging. Popular opinion, at least, appears to be that a blog must have color and lots of it. So much for that! 

Black and white works for the Accidental Icon in so many ways (besides the fact that she loves black and white). Black and white are serious colors, they call for a serious commitment. No problem: she’s a professor, a PhD. And having met her, I can confirm that the Icon is both serious and committed. 

But there’s an adventurous and playful aspect to the Icon that comes through clearly on the blog. Not everyone can put herself up on a pedestal, in the snow, in New York City as she did here. Boom! She did. 

Two other things set the Icon apart from most personal style bloggers. She wears dark sunglasses all the time. Audacious, outrageous, not done! Another rule broken, but it works and it is indeed iconic. Then, just when I thought she might be done breaking rules, it turns out: she doesn’t smile. Oh God, how I love this. (I know that she can smile. Ihowever, seem to be genetically almost incapable of it.)

Thank you Accidental Icon, you have liberated me. Thank you for breaking all the rules. (I smile.)


P.S. Tomorrow, Style & Conversation.



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