Kavanaugh Ford

kavanaugh ford

Someone said this morning that Kavanaugh Ford sounded like a dealership where they sell you second-hand cars, that stop running at the first light on your way home. I’m afraid it’s true. Apologies to Ms. Ford, because I do believe her.

I am and have been for a long time, fascinated by body language, and specifically, posture. In both men and women, I think it speaks volumes about the individual. 

Look at Trump’s posture.

The first thing that strikes me is the symmetry of his “seat.” One might think that balance in posture would be a sign of balance in character, and perhaps it is. Perhaps a narcissist would be sure of his own balance and feel grounded in his attitude?

The hands, well, protecting the genitals, the epicenter of male power. 

Obviously there’s no relaxation in this “pose,” he looks scared, as well he should. The fear of course is palpable in the sinking of the head, the shoulders up, practically in his ears.

This is not how we’re born, none of us is born with this kind of posture.

It’s developed, developed by our early environment, it’s learned and then solidified in that environment. And the character affects it and it buttresses the character.

You can be sure I’ll address this again.

Who knew I’d find a graphic that shows a woman how to gird her loins! Dr. Christine Blasey Ford gird your loins and good luck.



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