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I had to go to the M.Patmos site today.

The temperature has been in the 80’s in New York this week, and quite frankly, I’m over it.

I like heat in the Summertime, it seems proper to me. Generally speaking, I like weather, I like the change of the seasons. I like the changes that come with the change of the seasons. One of those changes is the change in the clothing we have to wear.

That’s why I wanted to look at Marcia Patmos exceptional knits today. Although I’m usually not into the silver and gold thing, especially in clothing, I really love this sweater.

I’ve been fantasizing about where and when I’d be wearing this lovely thing, a woman can dream.

Back To Black

Yang Li, where has he been all my life? Luke Leitch, wrote after seeing Li’s show at the Palais de Tokyo:

“Pleasingly, this show was cast broad in age range, and the older women were, if anything, more beautiful than the younger in these clothes—their faces reflected an experience commensurate with the heaviness of the vibe.”

But that’s not why I’m here, I’m here for the black.


Photos: Edward James/

Honestly, these looks make me want to never ever wear more than two articles of clothing with perhaps one piece of jewelry. There’s this beauty in releasing what’s not necessary as we age. This is what I strive for. 


I’ve written before about the bare shoulders craze and how it hit unprecedented heights and gimickyness this Summer. Look at how the slashes and cuts in these two pieces are an integral part of the garment.

The way the skin is revealed, no jewelry necessary, the skin is the best and most subtle embellishment.


Oh Yang Li, where have you been all my life?

Jolie laide

This is why I love the French, jolie laide, “beautiful ugly.” 

“As the literary critic Daphne Merkin put it, jolie laide is “a triumph of personality over physiognomy, the imposition of substance over surface.”

The French know how to hold two opposing ideas in mind, at the same time. I believe that you have to be able to do this in order to really appreciate anything in life. Can you truly understand and appreciate diversity if you don’t get jolie laide?

What, after all, is all good or all bad? 

Who’s jolie laide? Sofia Coppola, they say. Sometimes, I think Tilda Swinton is jolie laide. 




  • Melanie says:


    I’ve heard the term sexy-ugly to describe men before, in particular Tommy Lee Jones. I have never heard the term jolie laide. I love a balance between two worlds. Do you think the recipients of such a charged word as ugly would mind? Would I? It would depend on my mood I suppose.

    And I love that white top with the raw hem. Powerful simplicity.

  • Indra says:

    Interesting article! Had not heard of jolie laide before either. These fashions I could go with — but not the black lipstick, or a face that is made to look like a death mask. We need more humanity, not less.

  • I love the article you linked to, all those gorgeous bodies! I’ve found that the more I feel compassion and grace for my own body, the more I feel it towards everyone else’s too. Maybe humans are angrier at and more judgemental of one another because we’re all deeply angry at and judgemental of ourselves? Just a thought. I love the simplicity of those two black outfits and how well the cut-outs have been executed, on most items they appear to be an after-thought and I don’t consider them particularly flattering myself. However, on a Yang Li item, I’m definitely a convert! xx

  • “There’s this beauty in releasing what’s not necessary as we age. This is what I strive for. ” What a great quote–I’d love to have a conversation on that alone!!

  • I love wild fun clothes. Now all I need is the body to fit in them. Cool to know about Yang Li

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