it’s the little things

it’s the little things
rings and fanny packs
quoting: Julia Twigg

It’s the little things, that’s what people say. Well I never really believed those “people,” until this summer when I was “gifted” (horrible word), these little samples, after I had a rare, and kind of meh, facial

But never mind the facial, I truly love what was in these little tubes, I loved them to a flattened death. 

I wouldn’t have bothered to get my grandfather’s yardstick out to photograph them for you, if I didn’t. Each works well, feels good, and smells divine. And each, is from a reputable, well-known and well-respected brand. 

The Kiels is a kind of moisturizer/bronzer/smoother cream.

It’s hard to describe, and unlike anything I’ve ever used. Most bronzers have left me unimpressed and the same with any kind of product that promises to “smooth” the skin. This really does leave that “glow.” Try this, perhaps you can get a sample from Kiels.

The L’occitane, Créme Prècieux, smells divine, not powdery, not soapy. It feels just the way I like moisturizer to feel: like it’s working but not “laminating” my face with a layer of stuff that will immediately come off on my pillowcase. The L’occitane hand cream, like the standard and much-loved Shea Butter Hand Cream (also very good), is almond scented. And it works!

Probably some of you know Dermalogica? I had never tried it, but again, the scent isn’t overpowering and the cream is soft, not oily or sticky. Although my dermatologist says that anything beyond 30 SPF is “meaningless,” this is 50 SPF. And hey, the tagline is “Age Smart.” 

P.S. None of this is sponsored.


These little, leather rings are from, RR Leather Accessories, a small but emerging company in Latvia. I had seen their bags, back packs, halters, and belts on Instagram, and I liked their look and overall aesthetic. When I kind of popped in on them, basically uninvited,

they turned out to be a friendly and tolerant group, nestled in a small, cozy headquarters and workshop. Fanny packs are in again, and because I’m very tired of lugging around an immense bag, I’m actually coming around to them. Here’s one from RR Leather that is actually quite elegant, and now I’m kicking myself for not getting one.

RR Leather are on Etsy, and when I ordered from them I received my halter with no problems and promptly.


I have mentioned Katrina Rodabaugh and how she and her book, Mending Matters, reawakened my love for mending, here and here. Well here’s my first finished product, I’m leaving the cuffs the way they are. In some places I used the techniques and instructions from Rodabaugh’s book, in others I kind of “ad- libbed.” In any case it was all fun, and I’m hooked.


“We know that clothes provide information in relation to social position, gender and age. But when it comes to women’s fashion, it is still primarily related to youthfulness and beauty. This normative idea of femininity based on youthfulness and sexiness leaves aging women with less space to manoeuver.”

—Julia Twigg, Professor of Social Policy and Sociology at the University of Kent and author of Fashion and Age: Dress, the Body and Later Life.

If you like this, and who wouldn’t, go to The Age Buster blog and read the entire interview. I’m ordering the book.



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