Let me introduce you to Inese Liepins. Inese is the younger sister of one of my oldest friends. 

Inese is an artist, who works in many different media. Here she is blowing glass, in Lithuania. She also knits gorgeous sweaters, dresses, and scarves. Look at She lives in Riga, Latvia, where she moved from San Francisco, after a divorce (“conscious uncoupling” before it hit “goop”, look it up). Inese makes art and thrives wherever she is, but in Riga she has become a minor celebrity. In that still somewhat inhibited post Soviet world, a woman traveling to Mongolia, alone, or climbing Kilimanjaro for her 50th birthday is still novel.


That’s Inese’s tent in Mongolia. I remember her telling me that one day she was following some Mongolians, on horseback, maybe riding faster than was wise, when she realized “oh, this may not be the worst way to die” at 50, out here, on the steppes. Now that’s the way to live.



Tomorrow, some of Inese’s designs.


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