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I’m asking each of the women I profile five questions about beauty. Here are the questions, and Inese’s answers. I love them, just love them. (See yesterday’s post for an intro to Inese.)

How do you know when you’re seeing something beautiful?

I smile. Sometimes I only notice I’m smiling when my cheeks cramp up, for instance after a day of walking in the wilderness, or riding my bike in the woods. The first time I had to ride my bike through a huge deep mud puddle I realized I had the biggest grin on my face, and I probably hadn’t done something like that since I was 10 years old. The fact that I can ride through mud puddles, on a mountain bike, at 55 is beautiful. Days when I smile to the point of cheek cramps are good days.

Describe your beauty.

Inner. If I pay attention to the inner often the outer comes with. I go into nature to clear my head, to get exercise, breath some fresh air. As a result I get a good healthy glow on my skin, I have less wrinkles due to less stress, clothes fit better because I am in better shape…

When do you feel most beautiful?

When someone complements me or is shocked when I tell them my age. When I turned 40 men suddenly started to say I look sexy, men who have known me since I was a kid. I asked one why he thought I looked sexy, and after thinking a while he said because I look so comfortable. Note, at the time I was on crutches after knee surgery, my knee and ankle were so swollen that I had to put my leg up on a chair or even table to stop the throbbing, and this was at a friends wedding. I really didn’t care how I looked, I just wanted it to not hurt, and I get called sexy!

What/who taught you about beauty?

I don’t remember anyone teaching or showing me, but I think I have shown a lot of people unintentionally.

Name one beautiful thing that makes your heart leap?

Right now seeing an animal in nature, I am thrilled to be able to share the woods with other creatures. Also seeing something and knowing it will never be exactly the same, a snowfall, sunset, listening to live music.


Image 1

The criss cross shrug and the dress are so very Northern European. The colors and the feel, I can smell pine and something else… The dress, the colors of a moody northern sky. It’s such a great style, and the fit is perfect. More color you say?


Beautiful, Cheeky, Flirtatious

Thanks, Inese


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