in search of spring

I went to Mood Designer Fabrics yesterday in search of Spring. I needed some lovely. I enjoyed slogging through the slush, in my huge Sorel boots, because I knew where I’d end up. Mood is like a candy store for me. I find myself saying, “Wow!” there a lot.

Above, one small section of the many shelves of leather and suede at Mood. This stuff feels like butter and smells like style. Feels like heaven. (What’s even better? The way the young, pony-tailed man who presides over this area loves the stuff as much as, if not more than, I do!)

Below, more suede, creamy colors.  


It all started with my mother who collected fabric like other people collect art. This is Italian wool, from Florence! Look at the mellow mustard color, feel the “hand.” And do you see how it drapes? Yes, yes, and yes, I see how it drapes. So, that’s where I got it, the feeling for good fabric.

I do not like synthetics. I don’t like cupro, tencel, lyocell, or spandex. (Ok, spandex is good for working out.) I don’t care if it’s made from wood pulp and that supposedly makes it “natural.” What they do to it makes it end up decidedly unnatural. This is an obsession and cause for me, and it’s complicated.  When we talk about the manufacture of clothing—everything from silk worms to wood pulp, from chemicals to water disposal used for manufacturing—we’re talking about economics, environment, style, expectations, labor costs, tastes, culture, and more.

I promise to follow-up on that discussion, but for now, here are some other things I saw at Mood. Some florals, because I’ve been searching for a floral pattern that I could actually wear. I usually feel conspicuous in florals unless they’re stylized or muted or something. I don’t really know how to describe it, but I know it when I see it. Some of these come close. 



Then there were some silks that caught my eye. They’re vaguely “ethnic” looking, and so light and airy it’s almost hard to really feel them on your skin. 


These are the colors that I’m usually attracted to: neutral, muted. I thought this pattern looked like Donna Karan? Funny though, not quite. Ms. Karan’s are better.

The love that I might have to go back for. An Anna Sui panel print, so soft, like cashmere. The fabric is a bit wrinkly, but look at the print, it’s eccentric but subtle. It’s just a great design. 

I’ll leave you, for now, with some buttons. Lots and lots of buttons…




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  • Oh Anita!

    My heart just skipped a little beat of happiness when I read ‘I do not like synthetics. I don’t like cupro, tencel, lyocell, or spandex” – I totally agree and I’m sooo happy to have connected to someone who feels the same!

    As I’ve slowly started to curate my closet into something better and more ‘me’ – choosing natural fibres is a part of that. I realise there’s the argument for how tough these are on the environment e.g. the amount of water it takes to produce cotton, but I really do believe that if we bought less, but better (so real fibres) and cared for our clothes, keeping and wearing them for longer – it would be a far better option than the current trend for synthetic throw-away pieces.

    I love your choice of fabrics and that wall of buttons – I just wish I could sew!

    Esther xx

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