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Look For The Woman can help you answer that age old question, “What does a woman want?” whether it’s in a garment, a shop, advertising, merchandising, or customer service. The 50+ woman of today is changing. I can help you figure her out.

Contact me at: anita@lookforthewoman.com

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Yes, that’s me



Working with our fit model and pattern maker, she’s showing her “football.” 

“Anita has been a fabulous member of the team. Beyond her excellent retail skills and social media prowess, she’s really helped us design for women over 60 — not only in our product line, but in our work processes as well. Anita is a straight shooter and can be counted on to follow through with no fuss. She cares deeply about market mechanisms that disrupt antiquated notions of what it means to age and would be an asset to any team looking to hire someone to build capacity. I only wish we operated our swimwear line all year round and could keep her with us for more of the year.”

Sarah Krasley

Marie Hell




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