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Women Working


This is artist and performer, DB Lampman. I spotted her when she was moving through the trees, looking like a creature from a Sendak book. It was just another happening in Central Park. She may look a bit forbidding, but she was lovely.

DB told me she had been working with/on this creation, “I Am an Exponent of Myself,” for ten years.

Some of its iterations had been used in performance art. For example, once, while she had been suspended in mid-air, she was using hooks attached to her costume to hook on to parts of a video back-drop. I would have loved to have seen that! 

I have the utmost respect for artists. I also respect people who can “dress-up” or wear a costume. No, I’m not calling this dress-up, but anyone who can imagine themselves into any costume, let alone one of their own making, I admire them.

I hate halloween, but I know that it’s actually one of the more popular holidays in the United States.

I suppose that’s because it’s “secular” and therefore accessible to all. But all my life, I have hated costumes. I am just too insecure and self-conscious to feel comfortable in a costume.

There are those who dress-up, and then there are the rest of us. Can you imagine Fran Lebowitz ever getting into a costume? I wonder…

 Le Smoking

She may not wear a Halloween costume, but Fran Lebowitz wears Le Smoking.


All hail, Yves Saint Laurent, the man who said I’m going to put a tuxedo on a woman and it’s going to look good! They, society, is going to be outraged, and yes this is androgyny, but it’ also going to be sexy as hell.


This le smoking jacket is from Emerson Fry. If you like classics, real classics, you should get to know them. The jacket below is from J. Crew. I haven’t actually seen it, but I love that it’s that dark, dark, blue velvet. And one of the best ways to wear a smoking jacket like this is, indeed, with jeans.

“A woman dressed as a man must be at the height of her femininity to fight against a costume that isn’t hers.”

Yves Saint Laurent


Le Back-Pack


I think this back-pack from Kindred Black, is just about perfect. It’s soft, not too big, and a very pleasant color. 


“I place a high moral value on the way people behave. I find it repellent to have a lot, and to behave with anything other than courtesy in the old sense of the word – politeness of the heart, a gentleness of the spirit.”

Fran Lebowitz




  • Laurie says:

    Oh I love the EF jacket (and I don’t own a single blazer).

  • Melanie says:

    I like the Libowitz portrait. I adore women in tuxes and suits. It’s one of my preferred stylings as well. Rock star, poet, intellect, designer, alchemist – so many parts of my character surface in a simple jacket. I like the Libowitz quote. DB Lampman is a dream.

  • Haralee says:

    Performance artists are very brave! You could easily overlook her, how well she fits into the landscape.I love a costume, you become that person. Those that don a costume but act the same to me are ridiculous, you have to get into the role! I’ve done some movie extra work and my favorites have been the ones in costumes or period peice dress.

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