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Lately I’ve been featuring a lot of Denton Taylor’s photographs, so I thought you might want to follow him yourself. Denton is a great “street style” photographer in the tradition of the late Bill Cunningham. He takes lots and lots of pictures at Fashion Week, and he’s friends with many of the Advanced Style ladies, so you’ll see them on Denton’s feed too. 


For those of you who saw the previous post with Anna Wintour, you’ll understand why I’ve chosen to post another picture of her. I’ll leave it at that, for now. 

Women working


These two, don’t you love them? Denton and I, he took the picture, both got to speculating about them, how can you not? Are they best friends? Did they enter the Marine Corps at the same time? One has more “fruit salad” than the other. Given their petite size, what was bootcamp like? Do they suffer a lot of discrimination? 

The pose is identical. I love their confident, steady gaze, no vacillating.

I find the cut of their uniforms both outrageously old-fashioned and utterly charming. Couldn’t they be from a movie from the 50’s, a movie about love and war in the Pacific? 

I’ve always thought that Marine Corps uniforms are an odd mix of colors. And the pants are dressy, but the khaki shirts are utilitarian looking. The seams of the blouses and the sleeve length are so demure. You know what though? I trust these two young women working, absolutely I do.

Fashion find?


If I’m interested in a certain brand, I sign up for their emails. This is how I stay current, especially with emerging brands, because social media presence may be the only thing they have.

I usually don’t trust brands that roll new things out like the chocolates that Lucy and Ethel had to deal with on the assembly line, every week a new “drop.” M.Gemi has been a brand like that. Then on the other hand, I like what M.Gemi says about itself and the concept of “postluxury.” 

“Postluxury embraces the best of luxury while presenting a modern approach to pricing and access.”

Why don’t I trust them? I can’t conclusively say, but my intuition tells me something’s wrong with this rush to drop new items almost daily. It’s not just the fast versus slow aspect of things, slow is not intrinsically better. I wonder though, what the speed might be indicative of, on the whole?

Another brand that does this is Everlane. They’ve been pushing out seasonal “capsules” frequently as well. I might be wrong, my intuition on this might be off. After all, we know that new stock is showing up daily in many stores these days.

It’s just that I don’t get email notifications of each new item Zara is merchandising today. If the products being dropped at Everlane and M.Gemi are ethically and sustainably made, what difference does speed make? It might just be that companies like M.Gemi and Everlane do just what M.Gemi promises, and that’s all.   

“We deliver just what our clients want, just when they want it, at prices that are fair, not inflated.”

I do mean to follow-up on my intuition, to see if there’s anything at all to it. Funny, there’s only one reservation I have about these sandals. Can you guess what it is?


The CFDA is the Council of Fashion Designers of America and it has always been at the forefront of social change, what some might call the “politically correct, out of touch, elite.” Last night, the CFDA Gala was more overtly political than ever.

Among the honorees were Gloria Steinem, Cecile Richards, the president of Planned Parenthood, as well as actress and musician, Janelle Monáe. If you’d like to read the speeches of all three women, go here. Jangle Monáe was especially effective in articulating what many of us feel at this time.

“Women’s rights are human rights. LGBTQ rights are human rights. Poor folks’ rights are human rights. Immigrant rights are human rights. Minority rights are human rights. So as human beings, let us never forget that none of us are free until all of us are free.”  

Preach Janelle, preach.



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