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geniuses and fashionistas 

I ended up at the Apple Store, on Madison Avenue, this past Sunday. That either sounds very interesting to you or infinitely boring. For me, it turned out to be a winter fashion review. There were “geniuses” and fashionistas.

The building, was originally a bank, with vaulted ceilings, a marble staircase, and the bank vault on view. And what did they wear? They wore coats. 

I was there with my husband, (tangent coming). Oh how I dislike the term “hubby.” I mean really, must you? 

I’m afraid that “hubby” might be what Pence’s “mother” calls him.

And partner has always meant business partner to me, which I suppose spouses are, but still, it’s so cold, so clinical, partner.

Perhaps I should call my husband “pardner,” like in the Old West, or like the “old salt” we knew on Cape Cod? He called my husband “pard.” Ok, I’m a bit hypomanic today—tangent over.

This is what the simple folk, of Madison Avenue, were wearing. Colorful coats, not the usual black that most citizens of New York are in year around.

This woman’s coat looks just red here, probably because she is standing next to the red t-shirts of the geniuses, but her coat was more like a rich persimmon color, a color I’ve been attracted to for a long time.

Another style was the faux fur teddy bear like coat. “Teddy bear” coats are everywhere, I think its fair to say that everybody has now “knocked off” the original Max Mara coat. 

This woman just has the look, the upper Manhattan, Sunday at the Apple Store look,

from her boots and jeans to her gold jewelry and gathered pony tail, the look works. 

Black hadn’t been entirely retired. This chic black “puffer” is perfectly styled here. I like that it’s shorter than most puffers. The jeans, the bag, the simple, pulled back hair, all of it, polished.

Here’s another colorful coat, not exactly persimmon but in the family. What makes this young woman’s look fashion though is her mini bag, all the rage, and her sneakers and white socks. Without those she would just have a nice coat.

And finally, the DIY! With a water bottle in one hand and a phone in the other, he’s ready for anything. The look here is complete because of the boots, the tight jeans, and the long plaid shirt. Also, of course, his girlfriend’s chunky sneakers.

I like the way the two Apple employees, in the background, look like they belong on the “bridge” of the Enterprise, on Star Trek. Geniuses and fashionistas on Madison Avenue.

michelle tyler blog

Another friend, with another take on smart, ethical gift giving is Michelle Tyler. See her here, on the Michelle Tyler Blog

winter skin and chanel

If your skin is like mine at this time of year, mother of dragons anyone? You might want to treat yourself to some oil, which really does seem to be better in helping to retain moisture long-term.

This glorious body oil is from Chanel, and while it’s not inexpensive, it’s worth it. Treat yourself.


“The making of a woman who has continued to grow is a beautiful thing to behold.”

—Naomi Wolf



  • Leslie says:

    But ah — I missed the part where your husband commented on the coats.

  • Mary says:

    What a fun post! Love the creativity and how you notice everything!

  • Brikka says:

    100% with you on the “hubby” dislike. “Husband” is a perfectly good word. Mine and I were together for a decade before we got married and because “boyfriend” felt insufficient after a few years and “partner” never sat quite right, I began calling him my “emergency contact,” which also had (and has) the benefit of being true.

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