fur heaven’s sake


Chin Chi

The first time I touched the fur of a chinchilla, I realized I could never wear fur again.

It’s precious really, this little cuff of rabbit fur I found at one of my favorite fabric stores. It’s soft, so soft that you can almost not feel it. I first experienced that when I touched that live chinchilla. 

It’s not like going out and buying new fur coats was ever an option. But I had owned and loved one or two “flea-bitten” thrift shop furs. I knew that there really is nothing like fur, nothing like fur to make you feel glamorous, nothing like fur to keep you warm.

But then PETA came along with their strident anti-fur messages and ruined everything.

I checked those messages out and, although I can’t keep my eyes open during a scary scene in a cheesy horror movie,

…I kept my eyes open while looking at footage of live animals being skinned. It actually might be worse than you can imagine.

Faux Fur

For the longest time though, I turned my nose up at the mention of “faux fur.” You can’t really ‘faux’ fur, I thought. That plush, baby-like softness cannot be reproduced by even the best of modern technology. 

I think that’s still true, but the faux fur out there today is different and it’s starting to interest me. I think the best of it, is the stuff that isn’t meant to seriously substitute for the real thing. Personally, I don’t like substitutes.

Tempeh does not taste like meat!


This coat, from Reformation, is not tempeh. It’s quite obviously faux, but it’s also lush, plush, beautiful, and I just found out, sold out!  


So there you have it, faux fur is trending. Please check out Reformation, it’s an interesting brand. And if you haven’t read Leslie Coff’s, “What The Heart Wants,” about the blue faux fur, here it is.


You can always double up on your faux, here’s a vest and flats from J.Crew.


P.S. Chin Chi, was the name I gave to the chinchilla whose fur I first felt.



  • Leslie says:

    As you know, I had a rabbit. I loved that guy, he was fabulous with a strong personality. Now…at the back of my closet there are some things that are “real” fur…and I don’t know how to square this — because it is freaking cold where I live. I just…disassociate.

  • Haralee says:

    I inherited a jacket with a mink collar and a mink/leather jacket from my Mother. I love them.
    I think many people assume they are faux. In rainy Portland I don’t get that many opportunities to wear either.

  • When I was a Brownie Scout we took a field trip to a chinchilla farm… It was decades before I was the same, again, and then… I had chemotherapy and chemo brain made me forget about those little creatures and I fell in love with fox fur! Oh, dear! I still struggle with the do we or don’t we on the fur issue, but then there are so many things that aren’t politically correct we can debate… BTW, I’m already halfway through my Fashion Friday post next week about “fur… ” xoxo, Brenda

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