from skirt to bag

from skirt to bag
the thing i made
styling, 101 ways

from skirt to bag

Like I said, “I made a thing,” and this is the thing I made. I’m oh so proud of both the thing and this “mod” picture I took. It went from skirt to bag, and it was made using my new sewing machine.

It was a mini skirt that was never meant to be worn as a mini skirt, by me.

I had planned to make it into a top, but that didn’t work out because all the weight lifting I do, does make me a lot more muscular than I look. It wouldn’t work. Then when I looked at the 12″ long skirt again, it became a “boho” style bag!

I simply closed the bottom of the skirt and added a grosgrain ribbon strap. And yes, the bag is that very vivid blue. What do you think?

101 ways to style a thrifted blazer

It’s cold outside, 7 measly degrees, and for me that means wearing wool. So here’s another of my 101 ways to style a thrifted blazer. I’m wearing it with a thrifted wool skirt, just adding the same belt I wore here.

For warmth, I like cashmere, I like alpaca, but sheep’s wool is what I want when it’s the big cold.

There’s a certain kind of density that good wool has that makes it feel special, kind of like an animal pelt. I know that for many of you wool is too heavy and too warm for you to be able to feel good in it.

I gravitate to it though, like a, like a, moth? Tell me what you wear to stay warm, other than “fleece” and fur please? 


“I’m not so interested in how they move as in what moves them.”

Pina Bausch




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