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alleyIf you walk from Houston, down Lafayette to Canal Street in Soho, you’ll pass by some six great coffee places, each more sleek and sexy than the next. Stop in any of them and you’ll see lots of young people, dressed in black and looking serious. I love them, they love good coffee in an esthetically pleasing space and so do I.

The architecture along the way is pure Soho: the old, good buildings, with big windows, high ceilings, fire escapes, and a sense of time in timelessness.  


When you get to Howard Street, take a right and stop at Michelle Varian. If you can’t find something that makes you stop and just gaze at it, in this store that has combined home goods, jewelry, textiles and more in a beautiful and not overwhelming way, you’re just not looking. 


Here even the projects they’re currently working on look interesting.


On this particular day though, I was on my way to Reformation, also on Howard Street. Reformation is one of the best known, slow fashion companies around. It’s been around since 2009. Reformation clothes are manufactured primarily in Los Angeles, the city that in terms of fashion, is increasingly serious competition for New York. 

Just inside the door you’ll be greeted with this suggestion.


Reformation garments are wonderfully designed and well made. But I found especially pleasing were the colors displayed in the well “merchandised” space. 


 While many of the garments are slinky and revealing, there are styles that most of us can wear.


Lest you think Reformation just hangs out in all its cool, La La Land, slow fashion glory, the company walks the talk.

On your way out, pick up a postage paid shipping label, go home, fill a box with clothes and shoes, and ship it to Reformation.

On the other end the clothes will be sorted and either sent to be reused or recycled. Considering that the average American disposes of 82 pounds of textile waste a year, that’s a great way to slow down some of the fast fashion madness.  


To read more about Reformation, go here.




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