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Women Working


This young lady is a barista at my favorite, local coffee joint. She’s got the sunniest personality and the calmest disposition, not to mention a great smile! I go to this place almost every morning, sit outside with my real cup and saucer, not a paper cup, and watch the city happen around me: 

The ocassional celebrity, the barber from next door, who sits precariously balanced on the bicycle rack out in front of his shop, the local man taking care of the planter next to me, he’ll get free coffee all year long in exchange.

I loved the colors of this apron from Anthropologie. In fact, my barista told me, everything she was wearing was from Anthropologie.

I can understand the affinity she has for the brand, it’s sunny and calm. 

It’s getting to be boots season though, soon, no more sitting outside for me. We’ll all be huddled inside, puddles around those boots we’re so proud of. When I moved to New York, I started to wear all sorts of boots much more often.

Boots are the go to footwear for the city.


These boots are also from Anthropologie. What do you think? Too much? And another question: do you have an affinity for a clothing brand or designer that seems to match your disposition? 




  • Melanie says:

    Who wouldn’t want to be greeted by such a sunny disposition each day. (By chance, it looks like they’ve chained her up!) Gucci speaks to me but I manage in the thrift shops.

  • Leslie says:

    I don’t think those boots are too much. I would wear them with distressed grey or black jeans (depending on season), chunky ivory sweater….or same jeans with black leather jacket and white tee or ivory peasant top…. so so awesome.

    • Anita Irlen says:


      Boots are just awesome on the whole. Every week I come up with “the one kind of boot I’m going to spend money on this winter.” I have a list of about 20 kinds…

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