fluffy stuff friday

fluffy stuff  friday,
made another thing
von fürstenburg


No politics, no rants, or long essays, because it’s fluffy stuff friday! Ok, just one thing, anybody else dislike all the “throw back Thursdays,” “wicked Wednesdays,” and “tricky Tuesdays?” 

Do “cute” things, endlessly repeated, start to grate on you after a while, were you done with them, yesterday?

I know why it happens, the need for human beings to simplify, quantify, and share, ad nauseam, is insatiable. Perhaps it is just me. Ok, I’m done.

i made another thing

I told you about my experience at Fab Scrap, the fabulous collecting and recycling business in Brooklyn, last week. Read here. And above you see the first thing I made from one of the scraps I was able to take away in my alloted five pounds of fabric.

Just a note, but I did not take five pounds of fabric. The last thing I need

is to become my own warehouse of unused goods and delusions of industriousness. I’ve never been the kind of person who takes something just because it’s free.

The vest above is really a “cheat” because it came as one, rectangular piece with finished edges, so all I had to do was figure out how to configure it. But it’s a nice soft knit, in my colors, if that’s what you can call them.

You can’t see it that well, but I was able to make a ruffle with the black edging on the right side. It’s interesting, how just having something to play with, to be compelled to think creatively, what a nice feeling. Who knew? Creativity.

I must admit, that this part of the “free” was liberating, and yet I felt a kind of responsibility to the cloth and Fab Scrap.

von fürstenburg

Every season, the new collection at Diane von Fürstenburg, catches my eye, it really makes me pause and take a look. This little ensemble, for example, the colors, the mix, the simple/not simple look, it all speaks to me. And I don’t mind saying that I think I’d look fabulous in it.

Diane von Fürstenburg is another designer though, who like Norma Kamali (see this post), uses a lot of man-made fibers. This top, for example, is 100% man-made fibers, and the skirt is a blend, with just some cotton in it. Still, I love it.

This von Fürstenburg however, is 100% silk. And while it’s a completely different look, I like this too. It has vintage, fifties house wife look to it, and it’s a look that actually suits me. 

Does it make sense to buy silk from a brand that also uses lots of man-made fabric?

I don’t know. I suppose if the silk dress sold much better than the man-made things, the brand would produce more designs made of silk? 

Is it supply and demand, or demand and supply? Do you wonder, like I do, about just how much “power,” you as a consumer have? Generally, I think it’s more than we believe. Thoughts? 


“Beauty is perfect in its imperfections, so you just have to go with the imperfections.”

—Diane von Fürstenburg



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  • Leslie says:

    Dvf the last two years, imho, has been hitting it out of the part. They have unleashed themselves from rules and I am in love. And yes, I would also rock them.
    Brava on the thing you made!!!

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