fifty shades


I’m going for it. I’m going to stop dyeing and grow my grey hair out!

I’m sure you’ll appreciate how momentous this is. This is no snap decision. I admit all of the increased attention being paid to greying women lately—the totally awesome grey-haired women in media and on the street—has influenced and emboldened me. I also admit to itching for a little bit of in-your-face activism. I’m not quite sure when letting your grey grow out became a statement, but it is! And I’ve been emboldened.

On the other hand, I’m not going to bestow sainthood on myself, or other women that choose to go grey. I’m not one of those crunchy-granola, intellectual ladies who tsk-tsk at women who color their hair, insinuating that it verges on tacky. At least not since an older friend read me the riot act on this many moons ago…

I quickly got it. I understood that in our world, when you’re over 50 and competing with women half your age for a job, or simply trying to retain your job—and you need that job—not dyeing your hair may not be an option. It may literally cost you your job! And there are many other equally important reasons for dyeing your hair. I understand and respect that. But I have the option now not to, and I’m grateful I do.

And I’m inviting you to watch the process: I’m greying in public.

What matters to me is that I feel comfortable and look good. We’ll see about the comfort thing; and we’ll see about the looking good too. There are many different kinds of grey, some I like and some not soo much. I don’t want to turn washed-out white, or dull yellow. Naturally, I want that awesome, salt-and-peppery, steely grey. And I don’t want to feel or look older than I am.

So, we’ll see what happens. And if I end up not liking it, I’ll just dye it again.




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