fierce at NYFW


I wait for the New York Times Style Magazine (“T”), like for a slow train, with extreme impatience…

This week’s edition was sure to be special, because it’s NYFW — New York Fashion Week!  It was, and I found this: The terms used to describe current trends, and non-trends, were fierce. There was talk of passive-aggressive hair, meh head, the post-trend universe, and my particular favorite, beautiful unrest

Beautiful unrest, a great term for the angsty tone of the times. I feel it. All kinds of unrest: political, social, climatic upheaval, and restless thoughts. Nothing seems to be resting these days. There are all kinds of passion in the air, both destructive and creative, and fashion is mirroring both. How could it not? Artists and designers, the creators, have always lived the zeitgeist. This is just one of the things that compels me about fashion.

Are you not feeling a bit passive-aggressive these days? Don’t you think that in some ways we are living in a post-trend universe? I know I’m feeling a kind of beautiful unrest. And my hair, I’m growing the gray out, so it’s definitely kind of meh head right now, but there’s fierceness in the process. 

I think we should fiercely embrace all of this unrest—somehow. I think it’s exciting and I don’t want to succumb to despair. I know, leather and lace!




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