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Behold The Bullet Proof Backpack

I love the possibilities that technology has opened up for design and fashion: solar-powered handbags, dresses that measure the pollution in the air, special garments for victims of trauma, yoga pants that help you with alignment, and airbags for cyclists fitted into neckwear.

Like it or not, increasingly the interface between humans and the environment is technology, and in the future, that interface might just save us in ways we can’t even imagine today.

But the “bullet proof backpack,” is not the kind of interface we should tolerate, it’s a deal with the Devil.  If we’re going to “arm” our kids with this kind of armour, let’s not be stingy, let’s just put them in bullet proof vests the kind the police wear.

What? That would traumatize them?

Shell Game

Just my picture of a reflection in the window of a gallery in SoHo. SoHo is good for that, and so is any area in which the windows are really “dressed.” 


You know I like “quirky,” but I probably won’t be wearing this soon. Yes, it’s a hoody from Need Supply Co, a hoody with earrings attached! I do know some one who would wear it, and she would look just right in it, just right like Goldilocks’s porridge.

Generally, I agree that there are no rules, that there is no this or that is “appropriate” or not, when it comes to fashion. I do believe though, that even when it comes to quirky, we have to know what suits us or not. 

Doesn’t mean I couldn’t try it on though.

All The Pretty Things

These earrings by Lizzie Fortunato though…  Tomorrow, I’ll show you the pink linen dress I would wear them with.

Promises Promises

There I go promising things I probably shouldn’t.

Yes, I’ve been posting much less frequently these days than I have in the recent past. I could talk about the reasons why, but I’m reluctant, mostly because it’s really not that interesting, and certainly not atypical. I love my blog, but as I’m sure many of you realize, it takes time! That’s the biggy.

Perhaps in the future, I’ll share more. For now, please bear with me.


“Speaking of which, that night there was a blood-red-moon. Don’t look at me: southern Spain has the highest ratio of metaphor to reality of any place I’ve ever known. There everything is in everything else. And we all looked up at the blood-red moon—that bad-faith moon of 2017—and each man and woman among us understood in that moment that there is no vacation you can take from a year such as this. Still it was beautiful.”

—Zadie Smith



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