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everybody knows
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mississippi goddamn

We all know it, everybody knows, there are two United States right now. Places are split down the middle, and people have been forced to choose sides. And somehow I’m feeling like that’s ok, it happens in history, times like these.   

Smart people hate to say “I’m right, they’re wrong,” because then we sound like “them.” And then we are lost in us and them. So many of us are choosing to say not who we are for or not for, but what we are going to stand for. 

And all I’m saying is that’s ok, it’s better than ok. Like Simone, you have to know when to say goddamn!

paris, always

In The City

Nothing’s perfect, not even Paris, but when I’m feeling particularly glum, I turn to Paris. From its rooftops to its river, from its museums and ateliers, down its streets to the cafés and bars Paris makes me feel good, complete somehow.

I like how every big city has its own “buzz.”

There’s the buzz of New York and the buzz of Rome, they both buzz but with something different. Rome buzzes with sensuality, New York with innovation.

Paris is a mellow buzz, it takes its time and yet seems to get a lot done. Maybe it buzzes with memories?

The fashion in Paris is not an embellishment, the well-dressed women are not just there for the sight seer’s eyes. 

It seems to me that they are there to hold the city together in its beauty. The Boulevards, the history, the art, are old, but the fashion always renews things, it keeps the city young.

Those of us who really love cities, we’re sensitive to what they tell us. I would love to hear what your favorite city tells you.

This Dior dress, from the Spring 2019 collection, just grabbed me! Perhaps it’s the understated, greyish pattern of the dress? Perhaps it’s how the neckline is so slightly diagonal, or how the “fishnet” body suit beneath the dress, the very sexiness of it, how it mixes with the demure look of the dress itself? 

Christian Dior said:

“Women, with their intuitive instinct, understood that I dreamed not only of making them more beautiful, but happier too.”

I’ll take that.

good things

This Lunchpail Bucket Bag, from Cesta Collective is reminiscent of the “Birkin basket.” It’s made in Rwanda by female artisans and finished in New York. Because it’s black, unlike the Birkin basket, it’s good for winter’s style. Find it here, at The Line.


©Judy Dater

“Not many women got to live out the daydream of women—to have a room, even a section of a room, that only gets messed up when she messes it up herself.”

—Maxine Hong Kingston



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