ethnic beauty, sisterhood of similar looks

IMG_5468What do people mean when they say “she looks ethnic?” What is ethnic beauty? Lately, when talking about looks, “ethnic” seems to be the code word for African American or Latino, but lots of us are white and ethnic. For example, my Latvian sisters and I. We don’t hide from the term “ethnic”. To us, mostly what it means is, we are not WASPs.

While we Latvian immigrants “pass” in the American mainstream, we always feel different. Even though we may not always look the same, we look alike. Here are some beautiful Latvian women I know. Do they look like sisters to you?


Do you identify with a group of women that look a certain way? If so (or if not), how does that feel?



IMG_5465This last woman is, Ginta Lapina, a very well-known Latvian model among some well-known Latvian models. 


I’ve seen so many beautiful blog posts, articles, and commentary lately on what makes a woman beautiful. It’s wonderful that they all stress the beauty of diversity and individuality. Here are some of my favorites, including one of my own: at A Well Styled Life, Jennifer writes about Tziporah Salomon; at Flare Magazine, an article about Chantelle Winnie;  and at Look For The Woman, Sarah Jane Adams.  



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