discomfort and obscurity

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“Out of discomfort comes greatness.”

-Cindy Gallop

Discomfort And Obscurity

Temple Grandin, who knew that an autistic woman, with a need to soothe herself and a love of animals, would receive a PhD, design a way to make slaughterhouses more humane, and go on to be played by actor Claire Danes in a widely acclaimed film?

Who knows, Cindy Gallop, ex advertising executive, recipient of the Advertising Woman of the Year award, TED “talker,” badass dynamo, who likes to “blow shit up,” and founder of “Make Love Not Porn.” 

The creator of the hashtag #resistancegenealogy, Jennifer Mendelsohn, you should know her, because she’s doing something brilliant, in her kitchen, all by herself.

Mendelsohn, a free-lance writer, who loves to dig around in old documents for the trails that lead to a person’s genealogy, is gently but persistently letting well-known members of the anti-immigrant movement know where they come from. In short, from immigrants!

No one asked her to do this, it’s just that she thought it needed to be done.

It’s marvelous, how many women are toiling away in relative obscurity, until they are no longer obscure. It’s the way women do things: they quietly, persistently, with passion and faith, work, until they’ve made a revolution.

Whether we’re talking Hillary Clinton, or my friend Sarah, who’s working to change the way garments are made, there’s a real beauty to the way women work.


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This is the last picture that I wanted to show you from the Grammys. Here, Lady Gaga’s pantsuit, skirt, and train ensemble are from Armani Privé, and they are all Gaga. You know I’m a fan of hers, but I did not know that she has fibromyalgia. 

It was sad to hear, right after the Grammys, that Lady Gaga had to cancel parts of her scheduled tour due to “severe pain.” There’s still some stigma surrounding fibromyalgia. In the past people with fibromyalgia were looked upon suspiciously.

People with fibromyalgia were thought to be “hypochondriacs,” or simply “slackers.”

I think Lady Gaga is a good woman to put those ideas to rest. A woman who can perform the way she does, do Bikram yoga, (a particularly grueling kind of yoga) and be the activist she is, is not “slacking.”


All The Pretty Things

These earrings are from Ashley Pittman, via Moda Operandi. I love the shape and the colors of the gems. If you love beautiful things sign up for Moda Operandi’s daily emails. I find something daily that pleases and inspires me. 

I can seldom afford what I’m looking at, but that doesn’t matter, fashion is most often aspirational.

Do you love these mules, the height and relative sturdiness of the kitten heel, the silhouette, and the color? They’re from Loeffler Randall, and as a once in a while shoe, quite affordable, sort of. 

The Rising Standard

Once again, Universal Standard, the “plus-size,” people who say:

“We’re here to break the plus-size fashion industry.”

They’ve hit it out of the ballpark. Their 13 piece “Executive Class” collection is the best. I’m quite sure that any size woman would be happy with each and every piece in the collection. And while it’s designed for the working woman, “ladies who lunch” would also look good wearing it. 




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