details and edges

details and edges
never look away, *spoiler
the gut punch



cheap thrills

I’m always in search of details and edges, otherwise known as something “different,” or as the French say, “autre chose,” which, by the way is the name of a restaurant I used to work for in Boston.

Is this a search for novelty, a cheap thrill, or just a sign of my inability to focus? 

Probably all three, but no matter, “make your crazy work for you.” While intense and prolonged focus may not be my thing, I’m a freak for detail. Attention to detail is my “super power.” 

In fashion, of course, the notion of detail is hugely important. Real fashion, fashion with a capital F, is about details. A dress, after all, is a dress: a “bag” with an opening for your head, arms, and legs. 

It’s in the details that a dress becomes fashion.

define edgy

I know “fashion” in some circles has become a filthy, dirty word. Too bad, I say, for those circles. For what it’s worth, I’m using the word fashion to

mean the business of clothing ourselves in a way in which we are able to express ourselves.

Besides details, I like edges. You know the word, “edgy” and you know what kind of woman is supposed to have an “edgy” style. Me, for one. That’s the way people describe me and my style. But what does that mean?

Edgy is not one thing. Edgy can be unique to each of our styles.

A woman can be defined as edgy if she wears lots and lots of red, accompanied by big, clanky jewelry, and very high heels. For another woman edgy might mean long, tulle skirts with sweat shirts on top. Simplicity and minimalism is edgy, so is Linda Rodin in head to toe denim. 

not boring

If you Google or go to Pinterest to see what is considered edgy, you’ll see lots of black leather, blue lips, and very short skirts. Boring!

Edgy is not boring, it’s not something you copy, it’s something you develop by doing things a little bit differently from others.

Women often tell me, “well you can wear that, but I could never.” To use an old-fashioned term, nonsense! To inspire you, I’ve assembled some edgy stuff here, fashionable little looks to adopt or adapt, no commentary necessary. Now go find your edge, you’ll love it.

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Wardrobe NYC 

Lumitus Official

Rosie Assoulin

Plumes and Feathers

*Here’s a link to the Plumes and Feathers Instagram, some of you will love it.

never look away

*bit of a spoiler

Cynical and jaded me, I’m hardly ever “blown away” by anything. But I was blown away by the Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck film, Never Look Away. Yes, that’s what I’d call an edgy title.

If you love history, art, and beauty, you need to see this film.

If you don’t like to sit, stretch before hand. The movie is 3 hours long. If you don’t like to witness man’s inhumanity to man, steel yourself.

I think maybe I would never have used the term, gut punch, before seeing this film. But especially in the first part of the movie, there are “gut punches.” The inhumanity is not of the bloody violence kind though, so there’s that. 

Still, I came out of this movie in a trance, and I’ve thought of nothing but the movie for days. Go! 


” You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean in a drop.”




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  • Allie says:

    Hmmmm. I really like the medievalness of Lumitus here. They and Wardrobe NYC put me in mind of the protagonist in William Gibson’s novel Pattern Recognition… Always so many layers and lusciousness in your pieces, A! It’s very attuned to my internal moodboards… xoxo

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