color pop

When you wear mostly black, when it’s your “base layer” so to speak, what do you do if you want to splash around with a bit of color? You go for the pop. You can do it with almost any article of clothing.


Scarves are a common way of adding color to any basic outfit, but you can also use tights, like I did here.

I’m still taking pictures of women from the back, and I love doing it more than I did when I first wrote about it. Manhattan is probably the best place to do this: New Yorkers are focused, walk fast, and pay little attention to people taking pictures.

Fifth Avenue, where most of these pictures were taken, is an especially good fashion runway.    


Manhattan is popping with color. Check out the fantastic hair-coat-handbag combination here. A couple of years ago, there was a persimmon craze. Persimmon colored jackets, shoes, and bags were everywhere. This year there’s a more intense orange around, and I find myself oddly attracted to this warm color, a color I personally wouldn’t be caught dead in. 


Orange beanies are popular. I can’t argue with color when it looks like this. It makes this woman’s otherwise typical winter uniform warm and interesting, and isn’t warm and interesting a definition of attractive?


Then again, if you’re not into beanies, you can just color your hair orange…

Are you seeing orange where you live? Are you seeing lots of women with bright, Kool-Aid colored hair?




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