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New Instagram to follow

Darling, is a magazine. I’ve never seen it, but I’ve been following Darling Media on Instagram. Out of L.A., they “skew young,” they’re smart and sunny like a lot of other sunny accounts. Scratch below the surface though, and find something more. 

If you’d like to buy the magazine, go here. I love the word “darling,” don’t you?

Picture of the week


My tiny shoe, I found it on the steps of the subway. I’m glad there wasn’t a mother with a small child around to see me pick it up out of the muck. It’s a tiny, gold shoe, it must have sparked lots of people’s imaginations because so many of you liked it. A tiny Cinderella, tripping up the steps to get home before midnight…I suppose.

Fashion find 


There are lots of what are generally called “African prints” around this Summer, but not many look as uniquely rich as these. This dress is from Zuri, and it represents another, interesting retail model. The people at Zuri make one dress, one design only. This small, sustainable company is located in Kenya. 

“We firmly believe that sustainable economies develop from businesses that operate fairly and ethically and create products that people want.” 

What’s most unique about the dresses is the fabric they’re made of. The style of fabric is called “Dutch wax print,” a remnant of the colonial past of West Africa. Zuri has sourced the most vivid colors and original designs I’ve seen.  

This company is the epitomy of ethical fashion, and I totally believe that companies similar to this could be founded in the United States.

Wildlife Works’ conservation strategy is based on job creation, including the fair-trade certified eco-factory that produces our dresses. By taking a community approach to conservation and creating jobs for people who would otherwise have few options but to destroy the environment to survive, Wildlife Works is creating sustainable jobs and a sustainable environment. 

If we were willing to pay more, own less, and preserve what we have, we could do it. Are we willing? Please do go to the Zuri website to read about the company that makes these lovely dresses. You’ll be astounded both by their story as well as the price of the dresses.



Ok, now for a completely different side of fashion: high, low, and extremely luxe. The young woman, Russian fashion and tech entrepreneur, Miroslava Duma, is a darling (that word again) of street style photographers. Whether or not you think this is a “look” or an abomination, you can see why she attracts the lens. Look at the color!

Because I’m getting ready to choose new colors for the XSwimwear line, I’ve been acutely aware of and sensitive to color. I’m actually enjoying color! I saw three girls running side by side this morning, around the Jackie Onassis reservoir, and their pinks, oranges, and fuchsias gave me a color “buzz.”

Let’s just see if this attraction lasts. 

Things I’m over:

Fidgety, gimmicky off shoulder/bare shoulder/cut out shoulder

The Ivanka Trump “brand”

Blue nail polish

Super fast fashion


People who want others to “get over it”

Random quote

“I have cellulite. I admit it. But sometimes I just say, Screw it, I am going to wear a bikini.”

Cindy Crawford





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