Cherchez la femme—Look For The Woman

Cherchez la femme. Look for the woman. The connotations are many. Look for the woman and you will find… the truth? the answer to the mystery? trouble? something else? I’m calling my blog Look For The Woman because I wouldn’t want to appear pretentious by using a French saying. (Also, the URL for chechez la femme wasn’t available. )

For me, Look For The Woman means look for the woman inside, and find and love who you are. But also, look to other women as examples. Women tend to be crazy stoic. We take it all on ourselves, and then end up wondering why we’re so tired. Or, we try to reinvent the wheel, over and over again, and then we wonder why we’re so tired. But when we reach a certain age, I think, it’s time for something else…

What that something else might be, and how it could happen, that’s what I want to address. I am going to write about beauty and fashion like any other fashion blog. But like many great blogs today, I want to expand the topic of “beauty” to, well, just about everything. I come from a people with a unique aesthetic, one that has influenced the way I see everything from art, to fashion, to a loaf of bread. I want to pursue that aesthetic. And I want to find women who have their own aesthetic and ways of pursuing it, of pushing it.

That’s me. What’s you? What is it time for you to do, and how do you do it while aging in a society that simply wants to deny the aging process? How do you do it not just “gracefully” but truly, madly, passionately, and beautifully? I’ll look for and find things to help you pursue whatever it is you want. I want to share them with you.

Look for the woman. I’ll look for the women, I’ll follow them, you follow me.




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