cheap shoes

Cheap shoes. It’s a term I find myself using for anything of inferior quality. The umbrella you bought at the drugstore because you left yours at home, the one that turned inside-out with the first little flutter of wind? Cheap shoes.

The extra bathing suit you bought on vacation at that “boutique,” the one that mysteriously became see-through the moment you exited the water? 

Cheap shoes. That inexpensive scarf that looked so good on the rack, the one that caused your neck to turn purple? Cheap shoes! 

I was surprised when I saw these shoes on a blog that I admire and read every day…


I was surprised because I own a pair — and had already regretted buying them after they’d given me blisters a couple of hours into their first wear (first sign of cheap shoes)

Then the other day, I got caught in the rain without my spare pair of flip-flops (carried by every smart NYC woman in summertime, especially when a torrential downpour is expected) and this is what happened to my feet after walking in these shoes in the rain.


I will continue with this rant soon, but now I have to go and soak my stained feet. Cheap shoes! 



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