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narcissists one and all

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From the UK, a mother with two beautiful daughters. It’s nature, whimsy, “big knitting,” and bunnies, yet manages not to be too “cutesy.” It’s quite lovely.

Picture of the week


I took this picture at an outdoor market called the Grand Bazaar. The GB takes place here on the Upper Westside, Sundays, during the summer. This picture was on the back of a silky, if not silk, kimono. I was working opposite a wonderful small maker whose work this was. Here’s a picture of Carmen.carmen

Interesting isn’t it, we tend to fall in love with people, and even things that look like us. It seems we are all narcicists to one extent or another. It’s human nature, we like what we see in the mirror whether it’s an actual mirror we’re looking into, a piece of art, a dog, or our partner. It’s when we start picking apart what we see in the mirror, that things fall apart. 

If we can see the beauty in ourselves, are we more apt to see the beauty in others?




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A small collection of posts, people I can relate to.

Picture of the week


Sally Yates was my Instagram picture of the week! Once again, proof that my followers are the best. I watched Yates’s entire testimony before the Senate because I knew it was going to be good, but I couldn’t imagine just how good. She was articulate, dignified, and true. Is it possible that women are fundamentally more ethical than men?

Women seem to be able to address an issue with the head, heart, and gut. We now know that when someone says “I have a visceral reaction to…”, there actually is something happening in their gut. While in serious situations I want people to lead with the head, I don’t want them to leave the heart and gut behind.

Fashion find


I’m still into the basket trend and so is everybody else. There are more and more nice ones out there as the season progresses. I found this one at Need Supply Co, based in Richmond Virginia. I like how they curate. 

“We believe that a well designed product can have a very real and tangible effect on our everyday lives.”


Speaking of curation, we used to think of curators belonging in museums, libraries, and galleries. They were highly educated, slightly stuffy, privileged persons who decided what was worth seeing and being exposed to. Curation is control.

With the creation of social media, we can all be curators, live, and out in the open. We can curate on Instagram, Pinterest, and on our blogs. To curate, is to carefully select. Tossing things together is not curation. Tossing things together is a garage sale, equally as legitimate as a curated experience, but not one based on any rhyme, reason, or taste.

Curation is powerful, and, I dare say, empowering. I’m a curator, and I’ve always known it. I love to select, I love to loving select. The loving part, that’s what makes a curator. In order to be a curator, you have to be able to pay attention to a lot of things that are coming at you very fast. I do hope you enjoy my curation.

Mother’s day

Honestly, I was going to post this weekender without mentioning Mother’s Day. Then I realized that I just can’t considering this is a blog for women, probably most of whom are mothers. My own mother died relatively young, and in general, we did not have a very good relationship. Also, by choice, I’m not a mother. 

The day leaves me a bit sad, a bit forlorn, like I’ve been invited to a party but I have no idea why. I admit, that like a lot of women who aren’t mothers, I have a lot of opinions about motherhood. Today though, I’ll spare you and wish all of you who are mother’s, a happy Mother’s Day!

Not so random quote

“Action in deed is the sole medium of expression for ethics.”

Jane Addams

What’s going on with you?



monday monday

Due to technical difficulties this weekender couldn’t be published on the weekend, hence monday monday.

None this week, nothing hit me over the head

Picture of the week


My followers liked this one. This is Diana Villalobos Barrera. She’s an award wining Mexican designer, who’s currently living in Shanghai. I met her at the fashion show for emerging designers I mentioned in last week’s weekender. Her work is kind of “mad max chic.” She is overtly political, on the back of her jacket, for example, it says: #FOR DREAMS WITHOUT BORDERS. I love that! At the show, absolutely everything the models were wearing, was made by Diana, down to the boots.

Diana is the kind of young, cosmopolitan, politically enlightened person I love meeting and being around. I’ve said it before, the fashion world is not perfect by any means, but it’s willing to stick its neck out when necessary. And while there’s still a lot of towing the old line, people like Diana are going to push envelopes until things are truly rainbow colored, truly diverse and multicultural. 




Slides, they’re all the rage. It seems like there are quite a few sandal styles, that are being called slides. I’ve seen Birkenstocks and Doctor Scholls called slides.There are the by now classic Nike “shower shoes,” and their pricier cousins the highly embellished Chanel ones. There are furry slides, in both real and faux fur, and there are baboosh type slides. 

I’ve seen flats, 2″ heels, and even platforms called slides. I’ve seen what I would call mules called slides, and vice versa. To me though, the classic slide is a flat and has one wide band across the top of the foot.

Even though the slides above aren’t that, I really like both. The blue ones are Loeffler Randall and the red ones Mansur Gavriel. I think suede is really nice in the summer, it’s softer and more feminine than leather. Both of these slides are suede. What do you think?    

About me

I’ve been remarkably non prolific with this blog lately. Besides being busy, I’ve decided I need one of those rethinks. Toiling alone, in obscurity, no longer suits me. When I had a “regular” job, at the end of the day, I got a lot of satisfaction privately knowing I had done the job well.

That’s not the case anymore, lately I’ve been craving something bigger than self satisfaction. I’m craving more collaboration because I’ve been collaborating and I like it. I want my voice to be heard because I believe I  have something to say. Look For The Woman is changing.


I’m not trying to be secretive, or mysterious, but honestly I don’t know where this is going. Please bare with me, it might be interesting. 

I’m working on a project for which I am conjuring up a persona. In this usage, the term persona means an imaginary person who is likely going to be the typical consumer of a given product. As in the consumer of Lancome products is 42, has a college education, is married etc. I just made that up and personas are much more detailed.

Making up personas can be quite fun, bloggers do it to imagine who it is might be reading their blog. Designers use personas to figure out what the end users of their designs need.  Marketers do it to try and get an idea about what their consumers want. You get the idea. 

Can you do me a favor? Below is my persona, “Eve.” Can you tell me three things about her? On a scale of 1-5, 1 being not at all, 5 very much. Thanks for your help!

Do you like her? Is she like you? Is she real? (Don’t over think it.)    

Eve is 60 

She still works part-time

She’s a bit afraid of retirement

She’s a radiologist with a master’s degree and she loves her work

She’s on her second marriage

She has two step-children and one child by her first marriage

The children are on their own, there aren’t any grand children

Eve’s husband is a lawyer who doesn’t plan on retiring soon and loves his practice


Eve loves food, fashion, traveling, and reading

She and her husband have one big dog

Eve doesn’t have a lot of friends, just some good ones

Eve dresses less conservatively than most women her age

Eve has several tattoos

Eve loves her home but would like to downsize to an apartment

Eve’s wondering what she’s going to do when she retires

Eve is not the crafts or hobbies kind

On the weekends Eve and her husband do day, or weekend trips alone or with close friends


Eve had a health scare a few years ago

Eve is a runner

Eve is health conscious but not fanatic

She smoked when she was younger

Eve and her husband have a bottle of wine almost every night with dinner

Eve does not like to shop

Eve is getting more political and liberal as she ages

Eve tends to be depressed sometimes

Eve’s house is not immaculate, but it’s well decorated


Age is just a number

I’ve always disliked this saying, it’s just non-sensical. Age is far more than a number because aging is meaningful. It seems to me that we do ourselves an injustice, trivializing the aging process as if it didn’t matter deeply? And just because the spirit behind the saying is good, the saying is still empty.

That said, did you follow the story about Emmanuel Macron, now president of France? Both he and Donald Trump have a 20+ year age difference with their wives. What I find interesting is that in the French relationship she is older, in the American he is.

I can’t for the life of me imagine an American first lady being 24 years older than her husband! I realize this is a bizarre comparison, isn’t any comparison in which Trump plays a role? What do you think? Is this a cultural thing? 

Random quote

“It took me quite a long time to develop a voice, and now that I have it, I am not going to be silent.”

Madeleine Albright





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If you haven’t discovered Jamie at Ann Street Studio, and if you don’t want to read another blog, follow her on Instagram. If you love beauty in all forms, and especially if you love France, you’ll love her blog

Picture of the week


Apparently my Instagram followers love hats. This was the picture of the week, and again, I was surprised. I do a lot of these kinds of pictures, the reflections in windows. I love what happens, I love how the busyness of life in the city reflects in the window/picture. Sometimes you can see layer upon layer of reflections and distance. I didn’t know what these kinds of pictures were called until recently: photo collages. Makes sense.

Favorite picture from fashion show


I went to a fashion show this weekend, it was a benefit organized by FAST. Fast stands for Foundation for Angelman Syndrome Therapeutics. I had never heard of Angelman Syndrome before being invited to the show. I would have attended the fashion show whether or not it was a benefit, but having had a sister in law who suffered with another, similar seeming Syndrome, I felt compelled to attend. If you want to read about what Angelman Syndrome is, go here. And Angelman is pronounced like angel not angle.

Fashion find

I visited a showroom studio this week. The company is called Universal Standard. I know, the name is a bit odd. Universal Standard sounds like maybe they make vacuum cleaners? Nevertheless, I really like their clothes. I’ve been doing some research on plus size fashion for the “swimwear project,” and that’s how I found them. I had first gone to another plus size shop and come away appalled. The clothes were poorly designed, poorly made, cheap things made mostly of artificial fibers.

I actually felt angry at what I was seeing. I felt like I was walking in the moccasins of plus size women who have been complaining for years about how hard it is to find clothes for themselves, clothes that are stylish, high quality, and well made specifically for them. Well that’s what Universal Standard is, and all though I am not plus size, I ordered a very nice dress from them. Check out their Geneva dress, it’s a dress that would look good on almost anyone.

Random quote

“Imagination is not only the uniquely human capacity to envision that which is not, and, therefore, the foundation of all invention and innovation. In its arguably most transformative and revelatory capacity, it is the power that enables us to empathize with humans whose experiences we have never shared.”

J.K. Rowling