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This blog is undergoing changes, as am I. Everything is kind of layered, I see reflections of things I’m chasing and others I want to be rid of. Because I’m in charge of this change, I like it. Maybe the current political climate has me in its clutches, maybe it’s age, but I’m feeling less like dealing with the dumb, vapid, and trashy than ever.

I’ve made promises in past posts that I haven’t followed up on. In the future I’m not going to do that. If there’s one thing I’ve learned, during this blogging process, it’s that it’s always evolving. I’m trying to guide things but sometimes the process seems to take over. These days I want more freedom and so does my blog. My wish is that you experience something like freedom when you read my posts.



You can’t judge a book…

You can’t judge a book by its cover? Oh yes, you can. 

“you look like a mermaid”

My friend Katherine was on her annual Cape May family vacation. Everyone had already left the house for the beach, but Katherine was standing in front of the mirror crying. There was no way she was going out there in a bathing suit, not even shorts and a t-shirt would do.


She just couldn’t take the body she saw in the mirror to the beach.


Kate is tall, blonde, slim, and graceful. Her hair flows down to her bum. She channels other eras. She adores the fashion and rock icon, Anita Pallenberg. (She is also one of the most romantic and kind people I have ever met.) 


women working

IMG_5863This young woman was selling baked goods at the market on Sunday. I think it was her bright, white, immaculate chef’s jacket against her lovely skin that first caught my eye. Then another look, and yes, she was beautiful.

I love markets, I always try to visit them wherever I am. They’re such an awesome place for people watching and the market in my neighborhood is especially stylish. There’s something about the women who work in markets; they’re healthy, strong, and attractive.