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Not Frou Frou


Brown and camel is a classic color combination, especially for Fall. This dress from Marie Hell is a perfect example of the mellowness of the two colors. There’s nothing jarring and showy about it. Brown and camel can look good on blonds, brunettes, and grey haired ladies like me.

This Marie Hell dress is a bit less casual than some others, but there’s no reason this one couldn’t be worn on a casual evening date, after a business meeting.  



at the heart of British style, repost

London calling


I’m very fond of London, and I have a few friends there, and this was written by one of them. And well… 



Stella McCarthy

This post was written by my friend, Esther, from Style & Conversation. Esther lives in London, so I asked her to help me out with a post, when I realized that my knowledge of British fashion was limited to two stereotypes: tweeds and fascinators. 

I’m standing outside a London underground station waiting to meet a friend, the sun is shining and finally coats have been replaced with lighter layers. My friend sends me a text, she is running late and so I head to a nearby café to wait, and to people watch.



it always starts with the hat


Awhile ago, Tziporah Salamon told me that “it always starts with the hat.” I’m not sure she meant always always or most of the time always, but I took it to heart. Tziporah said, that when she got dressed, it was the hat that she chose first, then she built the rest of her look. I took it to mean: start with something. You have to admit, that as a style strategy, that’s brilliant. 

Even the most indecisive of us can usually pick one thing from the closet to inspire us.

There’s something philosophically clean and minimalist about this approach to dressing, and indeed, life in general. Instead of trying to conjure up some ideal kind of “put together” look, why not take one beautiful thing you love, and let it tell you what it wants to be with? The result will be more organic.



three elements of style


People tell me I have “great style.” It’s humbling, but I’ve come to own it—and in as much as it’s true, I want to share what I’ve learned.


1. A woman with great style has a sense of self.


I was going to say has self-esteem, but I don’t think that’s quite it. Self-esteem is great but it won’t necessarily help you pick out an article of clothing that will flatter you, let alone make you happy. A sense of self is self-knowledge, including the ability to recognize that although you might like—even love—a particular style, it’s simply not for you.