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lasers and light, the Skin Laundry


2000 year old Roman laundry


About a month ago, I saw an advertisement for the Skin Laundry and decided to follow up. It sounded safe, relatively inexpensive—and thoroughly cleaning my big-city skin seemed like a good thing! Have you heard of the Skin Laundry? They do one thing and one thing only.


The Skin Laundry is about a “15 minute laser and light facial.”


A Skin Laundry facial is fast and virtually painless, performed by a nurse who is supervised by a medical doctor. It uses the YAG laser. This is not the kind of laser used in more intense dermatological procedures, so there is no recovery time at all. 

This is what happens: You check in on a computer touch screen. Then you are handed a cleansing pad with which to clean your skin. On your first visit you will be asked some questions by the nurse who will do your procedure.