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long time coming, shop slow fashion


Ok, I’ve finally launched my SHOP SLOW FASHION page—a simple way to introduce you to slow fashion and unique small makers!

I’m going to highlight one item or collection every week and add as I go… 

This bracelet is by Ayala Bar, an Israeli jeweler of Afghan descent.

Her jewelry is what I would call ornate and what Ayala calls “mosaic” or “collage.”

In her pieces, Ayala mixes different colors, shapes, and textures. One of the more unusual elements in her work are textiles in the form of “textile beads.” It’s a unique addition that I find especially interesting. Her inspiration, she says, comes directly from the materials she uses.

Ayala Bar has several beautiful collections each with a unique feel and flavor. Take a look at her work, I promise it will make you happy.



consuming less fashion, my way


Happy 2017, everyone! Even though I’m not really into New Year’s resolutions, I know many of us today are taking a hard look at how we consume everything from food to entertainment to… fashion. Beyond the usual watchwords (shop vintage, buy less but higher quality, just say no, etc), I have some specific suggestions about how to become a more conscientious fashion consumer. Let me explain.

I spend a lot of time in the kinds of stores that sell fast fashion, the kinds of stores I urge others not to even enter.

They’re big, cavernous spaces, filled with racks and racks of tightly packed, trendy garments, garments that will be worn a few miserable times, then end up in a landfill, or on a barge bound for a third world country.

I’m doing research. If someone were to observe me on CCTV, I would either look like I was doing research or casing the joint. I enter with purpose. I look far, then close. I scan the racks, reach for random garments, pull them out and assess them for: hand, silhouette, and craftsmanship



women working, Patagonia




You may know of the Patagonia company as the purveyor of high priced outdoor wear for the seriously out-doorsy. Or perhaps you have one of their fleece pullovers like I did for many, many years? They’re much more. 

Recently, Patagonia has been in the news a lot, Patagonia and it’s founder, the environmentalist, climber, millionaire, surfer, reluctant business man, friend of Tom Brokaw and more, Yvon Chouinard. Chouinard is very real. If you haven’t heard of the man you can read this New Yorker article and you’ll see what I mean. 

The Patagonia store in Soho in New York is also very real and certainly ahead of the curve.

The young woman working is fixing what’s broke.

Patagonia is the epitome of a slow, sustainable, and ethical, green company. They recycle old gear, they’ll mend your torn jacket, and they care about both people and the environment. So much so that all of their stores were closed on election day last year. Walking the talk.

In this New Year, I’m happy to say that this is the future. I’m happy to embrace and be a part of an inter-generational community of people who want to fix what’s broken. Happy New Year!



you can’t judge a book…


You can’t judge a book by its cover? Oh yes, you can.


When you come into the store to shop and you’re wearing baggy misshapen jeans, old dirty sneakers, and a sweater that’s seen much better days, I’m going to make at least some assumptions about you.

Then, when you ask me for help finding something to purchase, and I show you 20 garments, 17 of which you refuse to try on, it becomes really difficult for me to help you, especially when you question the price of the 3 things you do try on.


I used to think that women in general were savvy shoppers.