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making connections


It’s been a good year. I’ve been working hard: writing, styling clothes, taking pictures, watching women watch themselves, trying to understand what women do want. 

I started to blog when it seemed like diversity was finally hitting the runway, and it wasn’t hard to find women who were tired of the same stale stereotypes about older women. Through social media I found Lyn, the Accidental Icon, and Alyson of That’s Not My Age, then Scarlett, of The Style of Mrs.V. All of these women are very different and living in far flung places but working on aging differently, their way.

But we can’t, and shouldn’t, forget the body, because it is the place where a lot of hard things start with women. I found Stylelikeu, and Sarah Jane Adams, and Reglam Me. Women with guts, and balls, telling the world we will not be made to feel ugly, invisible, or inferior for any reason, ever again. 



kindred spirit, the accidental icon

Sometimes you’re lucky enough to meet kindred spirits. It’s rare, but it’s oh-so-sweet when it happens. It seems you can’t search for kindred spirits, in fact you must not search for them! But they’re out there; and they just come along in their own time. In the past couple of months I’ve met two women, entirely different from each other, who are nonetheless my kindred spirits. Why? Because they’re doing things their own way.

The first of the two is the Accidental Icon. Let’s call her Lyn, because that’s her name. Please check out her really great—almost revolutionary—blog here. Why revolutionary? Well for one, the first thing that strikes the eye is that the blog is in black and white. Black and white! Just this alone puts the Accidental Icon in a class by herself. By making the decision to forego color, she may have broken a cardinal rule of blogging. Popular opinion, at least, appears to be that a blog must have color and lots of it. So much for that! 



don’t trust anyone over 30

I found myself in an interesting situation last week. It was in connection with one of my favorite blogs…

I looked at the blog early in the morning, as I do most days. As soon as I saw the title of the day’s post, my heart sank. I got a lump in my throat, and I thought, “Wow, big mistake.” You see, the title of the post was the title of an old song about a really horrible time in history and a violent act that took place back then. I’m not trying to be mysterious by not telling you what blog and what song; that’s really not the point here. I don’t want to be snarky. People make honest mistakes. So, you’ll have to trust me when I say the use of this particular song title was wholly inappropriate for a blog post of any sort.



a few of my favorite peeps

I have been reading fashion blogs for about four years now. I happened on them in some article, in some magazine, can’t remember which. What I do remember is thinking: “Cool. People do this?” The article had a list of the “top ten fashion blogs.” I started reading them—those and more—everyday. Now, it’s my coffee cup and my favorite peeps. Today I present you with a few of them.

I usually have a certain order in which I visit. Sometimes I do mix it up a bit, but I always start with Garance Doré. She’s my lady. Read her and you’re reading someone who just plain loves not just fashion—but life.

Then I move on to The Sartorialist. (Now, the man behind The Sartorialist, Scott Schuman, is in a relationship with Garance Doré, but I am not authorized to write about that. What I can do, is show you a picture of Scott Schuman that I took.


This is a lousy picture and I know it. I’m not yet a great photographer, but Mr. Schuman is; please check his work out. I show the picture because I love the pose, if I can call it that, and I loved that The Sartorialist agreed to let me take a picture of him.)

Last on my list today is, the man repeller. Leandra Medine is The Man Repeller, and as the name of her blog suggests, we are talking attitude here. But not asshole attitude (not to worry, Leandre herself sometimes has a potty mouth)—a no-holds-barred, fantastic, beautiful, wonderful, human woman attitude. She also happens to be a great writer. Read this