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excuse me while i show you my football


“Excuse me…” That’s what the fit model said the first time I saw her do this. What the what? Well apparently, the piece of cloth that makes up the crotch of swimwear and other pant-like garments, is called a “football.” (You know, that little wedge of cloth that connects to the larger pieces of fabric, it’s football shaped!)

This is just one of the many terms I’m learning as I’ve ventured into another swimwear project.

My first such experience took place last year, but who knew that just a year later I would become what Sarah, the boss lady, calls the “swimsuit whisperer.”

We rush from trim specialists, where we choose zippers and elastic, to fabric store to pattern makers. Japanese ribbon? Yes please. A fitting with our fit model, seen above. Sure.  





This blog is undergoing changes, as am I. Everything is kind of layered, I see reflections of things I’m chasing and others I want to be rid of. Because I’m in charge of this change, I like it. Maybe the current political climate has me in its clutches, maybe it’s age, but I’m feeling less like dealing with the dumb, vapid, and trashy than ever.

I’ve made promises in past posts that I haven’t followed up on. In the future I’m not going to do that. If there’s one thing I’ve learned, during this blogging process, it’s that it’s always evolving. I’m trying to guide things but sometimes the process seems to take over. These days I want more freedom and so does my blog. My wish is that you experience something like freedom when you read my posts.


the real real


I would rather strip naked and pose in the middle of a Manhattan avenue than have a picture of my face taken. That said, here I am in all of my unvarnished glory. This photograph was taken by Bruce Janklow and the process and final outcome is the direct opposite of the Photoshop process; this is hyperrealism.

Bruce Janklow, on his way to Georgia and Armenia as I write this, is a true world traveler and photographer. To see some of his work, look here. Usually, when he shoots people, he takes what he calls street portraits. Like most street photography, it’s quick and dirty. Two strangers, one with a camera, engage or not, for a few seconds. 


New York City blues and greys

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It’s been grey in New York lately. I’ve been grey, or maybe it was grey blue? We so highly value constant “positivity” these days, it’s become almost a sin to say you’re a bit blue, melancholy. Moody, grey blue, I like it. 

I like the grey, the grey rainy days of early Spring are not all bad. They’re a good time to stay indoors and “go in,” as a beloved yoga teacher used to say, at the beginning of each class. We can’t live outdoors, or outside of ourselves all the time.