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coming and going, from the back, part II


Bad haircuts, wobbly heels, too many bags, and my personal pet peeve—poor posture. These are the things you see if you pay attention to women walking away from you. I wrote before about why I’m taking pictures of women from the back, and I promised to write about what I’ve noticed, what stands out.



Italian story, Italian style

I have a romantic tale to tell. There once was a young woman, vacationing alone in Italy. She had come from the United States, landed in London and immediately headed south. After traveling by train down the the boot that is Italy, she arrived in Rome. As the train pulled into the station, the summer-kissed Roman boys stuck their heads out of the window and cried “Roma, mia mamma!” 

Rome was her goal from the start: the Rome of everything old, crumbling, beautiful. The Rome of pasta that tastes like the sun and melts in your mouth with a mellowness that can only be followed by red wine. The Rome of exquisite shoes, crafted from the softest leather, the colors of Sienna. The Rome of sexy girls riding on the back of sexy Vespas driven by sexy Italian boys. Little did she know, the Rome she had imagined was the Rome she stepped out into the first morning after arriving.


flip it, or sit up straight


Yes, this is the same picture from yesterday’s lie-down-with-legs-up-the-wall post, just rotated 90°. Looks just like I’m sitting up against a wall! How cool is that? Yes, I’m going to write soon about sitting up straight. It’ll be a companion piece and continuation of my post about standing up straight, here.

And if you haven’t tried doing legs up the wall, it’s never too late. You can do it anytime, not just in the evening…


legs up the wall, the benefits of antigravity


It’s a simple enough concept: lie down on your back with your legs extending up a wall. Of course, like lots of simple concepts, such as standing-against-the-wall (see my the wall post here), it’s not as easy as it sounds; but the benefits of practicing legs-up-the-wall are well worth the effort.

There’s just something about mitigating the relentless effects of gravity that we seem to instinctively crave. For some, swimming is the way to feel that, for others it’s skiing, or that feeling when you run. When your body is free, when it feels lighter, you feel mentally lighter, out of your head, away from the monkey mind. Perhaps that’s why many of us dream of flying?

Legs-up-the-wall makes the legs feel lighter, which in and of itself is really soothing. We know how heavy our legs can feel at the end of the day; the lower parts of our bodies get tired carrying the upper parts. To a certain extent you are reversing the blood flow when your legs are up, and that literally takes the pressure off your tired legs.