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3 ideas about exercise that may be killing you


For most of my life, I’ve been a happy exerciser. I really like to exercise, and I like to teach others to exercise. I was at one time a personal trainer, then I became a yoga teacher. Today I am neither, and I reluctantly admit to having become a lazy exerciser, too!

Over the years though, I’ve acquired quite a lot of knowledge about various aspects of exercise. I’ve done all sorts of sports. I know about muscles, stretching, the mind-body connection, and on and on.

I know how people think about exercise, and how
their assumptions, fears, and self-esteem are hurting them.




coming and going, from the back, part II


Bad haircuts, wobbly heels, too many bags, and my personal pet peeve—poor posture. These are the things you see if you pay attention to women walking away from you. I wrote before about why I’m taking pictures of women from the back, and I promised to write about what I’ve noticed, what stands out.



a precious 5 yoga poses

I’ve called this post, a precious 5 yoga poses for a few reasons. These poses are fundamental, “easy,” and they can be done in any order you want. They are all about alignment, stretch, and posture. With these 5 poses you can calmly enter into a more complex yoga practice, or stay with and learn a lot from these. Anyone can do them. 

Although I could talk about each one of these poses (asanas in Sanskrit, the language of yoga) in minute detail,  I’m going to keep it simple and easy here. The first pose pictured is known as cobbler’s pose. 



age differently

You may have noticed that I have a new tagline on the blog: Age Differently. It’s pretty clear to me, that there are a lot of us out here who are not going to be satisfied with “aging gracefully.” We’re looking for another, different way to age, perhaps even a little “disgrace” on the way to old age.

With that in mind, I’ve set myself a challenge. For the foreseeable future, I’ll be ungraceful in as many new ways as I can find. I’m going to try new things, and I know that sometimes they’ll be scary things. You, can follow along and live vicariously, or maybe be inspired to try some yourself.

This past week, I did something I had been thinking about for a couple of years, the Aerial Silks at the Circus Warehouse in Long Island City. Before I tried this, I actually thought I had some upper body strength, not to mention grace and skill.

Below are some out of focus pictures of me on the “silks.” IMG_2588IMG_2579IMG_2563This was difficult, really, really difficult. It calls for stamina and strength. Being upside down and swinging can also make you dizzy and nauseous, it does me, and the soft sounding “silks,” cut into the soft parts of your body. What seem like they should be simple, easy little movements with your hands and feet, actually call for a lot of dexterity and concentration.

After a two hour class, I was shaky and tired but I felt good. I had not been graceful.